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User Info: Voidox

9 years ago#451
Ah, it's ok, I found the post on the first page with the Lilith with all -dyne spells and recipe and Alice, thanks.

User Info: TheFireTruck

9 years ago#452
Okay Crankupthebass, sorry for the wait, but here is the fusion. I am pretty confident in all of the fusions, but tell me if any don't work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LOW ENOUGH LEVELED CU CHULAINN, DO NOT DO THE ELIGOR FUSION, TELL ME AND I WILL TRY AND FIND ANOTHER WAY TO DO IT. You can try to do the Eligor fusion, but if your Cu Chulainn has Vile Assault, all of the fusions for Eligor and Seiten Taisei would be much harder and more frustrating.

Okay, so the overall fusion will be Eligor x Legion x Melchizedek (Highest level).

Special Ingredients: This mainly requires a Cu Chulainn that does not have Vile Assault. You can get this easily if you don't have a Cu Chulainn registered in your compendium (Fuse any old Cu Chulainn and then dismiss him before registering it). Once you have this, level him up to level 44, register him and this will be the perfect Persona for fusing.

Also, Shiva should have all of his natural skills along with no extra physical attacks.

First fuse Shiva x Cu Chulain into Seiten Taisei. Make sure to give him Pralaya, vVictory Cry and Torrent Shot. Level him up and have him forget Arrow Rain.

Then, fuse Seiten Taisei x Cu Chulainn into Eligor. Give him Pralaya, Victory Cry and Torrent Shot (The absolutely prefect 4th skill for him to learn would be matarukaja, but this may take too much time). Level him up so that he forgets Twin Shot and Cruel Attack.

This should be your Eligor (Revolution, Maragion, Dodge Ice, Cool Breeze, Pralaya, Victory Cry, Torrent Shot, <Another Skill/Matarukaja>).

This one is much simpler. Make Melchizedek by Triangle Fusing Throne x Power x Virtue. Melchizedek should learn Hamaon, Mahama and Hama. Level him up, have him forget Weary Thrust and Gigantic Fist. If you also fused some sort of recovery (Healing) skill into him, remember that and forget Auto-Mataru.

This should be your Melchizedek (Mahamaon, Hamaon, Mahama, Hama, Mediarahn, Repel Dark, God's Hand, Auto-Mataru/Healing Skill).

This one is the one which I can help you out with the least. Because he inherits every skill equally, it is really hard to manage his fusion. This means you need to make some decisions. Fuse him like this: Black Frost x Ose You want him to learn at least 3 skills, so you may want to level Ose and Black Frost up until the sum of their skills is at least 9 (ie. if Black frost has 6 skills and Ose has 3). Make the three skills that Legion learns by either elemental or de-buffs).

Note: Elemental skills = Agi, Bufula, Mahamaon, ect.
De-buffs = Poison Mist, Bewilder, Matarunda,ect. _____ BOOSTS ARE NOT DE-BUFFS
Then, have Black Frost forget Assault Dive and if you can Panic Boost

This should be your Legion (Pulinpa, Rebellion, Sexy Dance, Panic Boost <Hopefully not>, Bewilder, <Debuff/ Elemental Skill>, <Debuff/ Elemental Skill>, and <Debuff/ Elemental Skill>)

Then Triangle fuse these and you should have a Cu Chulainn. It may take a long time, but I tried my hardest to make it controlled. Post if you run into a problem along the way.

User Info: 98jhsstudent

9 years ago#453
Messiah With Repel Dark

Fuse Alice, level her up untill she learns repel dark.
Alice+Mot+Loa+Samael+Pale Rider=Thanatos with repel dark
Thanatos+Orpheus=Messiah with Repel dark
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.

User Info: Renegade_Zero

9 years ago#454
^ You should've tried my Messiah recipe^

Absorb all-physical Messiah with Megidolaon, Salvation, Victory Cry and Repel Dark.

1. Lucifer (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash) x Saturnus = Garuda (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash)
2. Garuda (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash) x (any Lovers) x LV76 Abaddon (with Absorb Strike) = Loki (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash, Absorb Strike)
3. Down-fuse Loki until you get Orpheus (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash, Absorb Strike)

4. Let Alice learn Repel Dark, then fuse that into Thanatos. Make sure he learns loads of physicals, no Dark spells, and morph his Megidola into either an Absorb, or a physical like Vorpal Blade, Pralaya, Primal Force, or God's Hand.

5. Orpheus (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash, Absorb Strike) x Thanatos (Repel Dark) = Messiah (with Victory Cry, Absorb Slash, Absorb Strike, Repel Dark)

He should look like this once you've learned all his skills:

Repel Dark
Absorb Slash
Absorb Strike
Absorb Pierce
Victory Cry
Regenerate 3

Additional Preliminary Steps (not required, but may make things easier)
by Enacra

"Add these two steps to the beginning, to create the starting Lucifer:

1. Dominion + Skadi + Beelzebub (Victory Cry) = Chi You (inherits Victory Cry, learns Absorb Strike)
2. Mother Harlot + Vishnu + Chi You = Lucifer (inherits Absorb Strike, Victory Cry, Absorb Slash)

By doing this, you do not need to level up Abaddon to get Absorb Strike, as you already get it from Chi You. You can automatically learn the required skills through Commu Rank levels.

This is my first time doing this sort of fusion, so for those of you who don't know about it yet, I'd like to point out that lower rank skills are more likely to be inherited than higher rank skills (ie. Agi is easier to pass on than Agidyne). This gets very annoying as you down-fuse to Orpheus, and may still pose a significant problem even after morphing some of these skills. It just takes a lot of patience."

I would like to add, with the above step, you also do not need to level up Lucifer for Victory Cry. Should save some time.

User Info: TheFireTruck

9 years ago#455
Oops, I forgot to post the ending skills for the Cu Chulainn.

Here they are : Pralaya, Victory Cry, God's Hand, Repel Dark, Power Charge, Matarukaja, Cruel Attack and Mediarahn. (To crankupthebass: I added Repel Dark. )

Also, by the way, I just did the math, and unless I am drastically wrong, you should have a 7-10% chance of making your Cu Chulainn, meaning it should take something like 10 tries. I'd just like you to respond and tell me about how long it took you once you've done it (Just like saying 10 minutes or 1 hour).

User Info: I_John_Freeman

9 years ago#456
Could anyone copypaste some high-level recipes for The Answer?

I made a topic but it seems to have been deleted.

User Info: Shimesaba

9 years ago#457
Your topic probably got deleted because FES has its own board...

Go ask there.
PSN: Bioexorcist
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User Info: crankupthebass

9 years ago#458 Cu Chulainn is done!! TheFireTruck is truly a god among men

revolution, victory cry, akasha arts, pralaya, maragion, dodge ice, stagnant air, cool breeze
mahamaon, mediarahan, mahama, hama boost, hamaon, automataru, invig. 3, repel dark
pulinpa, rebellion, bufula, samarecarm, apt pupil, agilao, sexy dance, bewilder
cu chulainn
matarukaja, victory cry, repel dark, akasha arts, pralaya, apt pupil, power charge, vile assault

I really liked how it turned out. this took about 2 hours to do, mainly because the cu chulainn x shiva= bishamonten, not seten taisei making pralaya hard to get on bishamonten for the eligor fusion. everything else didnt take that long, 20 min max on each. getting victory cry, repel dark, akasha arts, pralaya, and apt pupil took 1 hour on its own cuz i was really picky on what skills i wanted.

props to TheFireTruck for the recipe and a kickass recipe it is and to my thumbs for sticking it through

User Info: ps3fanatlc

9 years ago#459
very helpfull thread, I have a request for a pathway to create lucifer with all 4 (ragnarok/phanta/nilfheim/thunder reign) I'm not quite there in level but i'd like to start getting the correct personas/setup to create it. thanks in advance!

User Info: Shimesaba

9 years ago#460
^ I've be happy to help out with your request, but unfortunately getting Lucifer to inherit even one out of those four spells is completely impossible.

Lucifer, being strike type, cannot inherit fire/ice/thunder/wind spells under any circumstances, and there are no skills that can morph into any of those four either.

Satan can inherit those skills, and the new version of Lucifer in FES (where the original P3's Lucifer is called Helel) can as well. It wouldn't be a fun fusion, but it would at least be possible...
PSN: Bioexorcist
Pearl FC: 4424 8177 3491
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