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User Info: Turkish01

10 years ago#51
Fusing Oberon is just to reduce noise so that it's easier to get Zionga onto Pale Rider.
I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks

User Info: Zeirhk

10 years ago#52
Is Arizio the same as Agilao? I don't have the Fes version...

User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
10 years ago#53
I'm having a problem with the "Top-Tier" Cybele. At most, I managed to get 3 of the spells on her, and Poisma. Here are my steps:

Step 1:
Odin (Ziodyne, Vile Assault, Maziodyne, Mudo Boost, Die For Me!, Elec Amp, Thunder Reign, Spell Master)
Skadi (Mabufudyne, Tetrakarn, Ice Amp, Victory Cry, Spell Master, Null Dark, Absorb Fire, Nifleheim)
Cybele (Samarecarm, Auto-Maruku, Myriad Arrows, Nifleheim, Elec Amp, Thunder Reign, Megidola, Bow Master)

Step 2:
Cybele + Raphael (Didn't get registered-registered one full of junk)
Titania (Mind Charge, Magarula, Samarecarm, Nifleheim, Thunder Reign, Bufudyne, Divine Grace, Ice Amp)

Step 3:
Titania + Ubellurius ((Didn't get registered-registered one full of junk)
Nebiros (Evil Smile, Megido, Nifleheim, Thunder Reign, Null Distress, Ghastily Wail, Fear Boost, Stagnant Air)

Step 4:
Skipped, because I thought I had a pretty good Norn already for this (see below).

Step 5:
Norn (Magarudyne, Wind Amp, Panta Rhei, Magaru, Samsara, Hama Boost, Regenerate 3, Invogorate 3)

Horus (Mahamaon, Mediarahan, Mind Charge, Victory Cry, Ziodyne, Auto-Masuku, Bufudyne, Repel Dark)

Surt (Deathbound, Fire Boost, Growth 3, Ragnarok, Spell Master, Victory Cry, Null Dark, Maragidyne)
Mother Harlot (Mamudoon, Ziodyne, Deathbound, Ragnarok, Maragidyne, Panta Rhei, Repel Dark)

Step 6:
I got a Arahabaki (different from registered with Poisma, Provoke, Evil Smile, and Stagnant Wind). Hoped those wouldn't carry over, but the only time I got 3 of the spells I wanted to show up, I got Poisma for the forth.

My registered Arahabaki looks like this:
(Virus Breath, Heat Wave, Auto-Maraku, Cool Breeze, Fast Retreat, Agilao, Alertness, Tetrakarn)

So, where did I mess up, and should I start over?

User Info: LionHeart823

10 years ago#54
*still trying to get a 4 elemental Ma____Dyne lilith~*

So after another 2 hrs of fixing up my personas, i am fusing with this

Lilim - Zio, Magarudyne, Maragidyne, Evil Smile, Rakukaja, Mudi, Mazio, Hama
Vetala - Tentarafoo, Kill Rush, Dekunda, Maragidyne, Mabufudyme, Dekaja, Foul Breath, Zionga
Incubus - Life Dragin, Evil Smile, Agilao, Dekunda, Mabufudyne, Magarudyne, Maragion, Fire Break
Succubus - Agudyne, Fire Break, Mudo Boost, Magarudyne, Maragidyne, Mudoon, Ailment Boost, Null Light

Instead of

Lilim - Marin Karin, Agi, Zio, Bufu, Garu, Mudo, Mazio, Rakukaja
Vetala - Tentarafoo, Rebillion, Kill Rush, Maragi, Sukunda, Bewilder, Dekaja
Incubus - Evil Smile, Agilao, Masukunda, Magarudyne, Mabufudyne, Maragion, Stagnant Air, Spirit Drain
Succubus - Agidyne, Fire Break, Mudo Boost, Magarudyne, Maragidyne, Muddon, Null Light, Ailment Boost

I should have a better chance right? I tried to elimate all the noises.. but that didn't seems possible at all. Most of them are at level 70s-ish now too because i tried to level them up and hoping that "sth sth is happen to the skills ________" and replace the noise, but didn't have too much luck either

~There are many worlds but they share the same sky~
One sky, One destiny. PSN: LionHeart1203

User Info: HaimerejZero

10 years ago#55
definitely a better chance since all of the 4 has something that you want, compared to the original recipe where the chances rely heavily on just 2 parties out of 4.

anyway, for the alice 4-dyne with null light recipe above, can anyone expand on it? I don't get it.

User Info: HaimerejZero

10 years ago#56
sorry for double post but...

i just found out that lucifer (the light version) in FES does not have victory cry. any tips on how to fuse one in FES that has null ice, null light (or was it dark? i forgot the one he repels), victory cry and optionally; spell master?

seems like in FES they knew it was too exploited.

User Info: Pentagarn

10 years ago#57
I was following the guide for the all 4 ma- dyne Lilith, but this part doesn't make any sense:

Moon Seth + Star Garuda -> Empress Hariti (Maragidyne and Magarudyne)

Moon + Star makes Death persona, not Empress. Is that just a mis-copy, or is there a mistake in the original? What do you suppose it's supposed to be?

User Info: jetfire76

10 years ago#58

User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
10 years ago#59
Anyone have an opinion on what I should do to get Cybele just right?

User Info: Mygas

10 years ago#60
Shiva + Kusi Mitama = Chenobog(pralaya)
Chernobog + Garuda = Mot(pralaya/death bound, arrow rain or null slash)
Alice+Mot+Samael+Pale Rider+Loa = Thanatos that pwns............................
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