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User Info: cks90

9 years ago#61
Is anyone going to try to make an ultimate Chi You?I mean he has Vorpal Blade and Primal Force(some of the strongest physical skills) and to top that off,he also has Arms Master which reduce HP cost.Maybe giving him God's Hand and Power Charge will sweeten the deal.I did find a way to cover up his weakness for electricity.Norn learns Absorb Elec at level 69.Bring it down to Atropos.Atropos+Surt=Odin(Absorb Elec).Odin(Absorb Elec)+Garuda+Abaddon=Chi You(Absorb Elec).However,I have no idea though how to put in God's Hand,Power Charge or some other good skills on him.Any help?

User Info: Jiang_Hsuan

9 years ago#62
If anyone is having trouble with the 4 element -dyne, Null Light Cybele (not the top tier one), I came up with another way that I think has less noise. By the way, it'll save you some time leveling these personas up if you have your S. links maxed.

Some prerequisites: Max Justice/Hierophant/Temperance S. Link, and main character level 78 at least (yeah, deal with it :P).

1.) First, you're gonna have to get a 4 element -dyne Loki (I forget how I got mine, made it a long while before I made this Cybele). Mine had the 4 -dynes (obviously), Apt Pupil, Repel Fire, Stagnant Air, and something else... I forget.
So in total there were 4 skills that were noise, cause I didn't plan to use the Loki in another fusion. Ideally, when you make yours try to narrow that down; keep in mind Cybele does not inherit any physical spells. With some thought I think you can figure something out that's better than my number of noise skills, 4. I was lazy and didn't feel like remaking my Loki... luckily though, they were all 1 to 1 preference ratio on transferring to Cybele (compared with the dyne spells and Null Light).

2.) Make a Koumokuten with Orpheus + Kaiwan + Kohryu. Level up Kaiwan so that it gets Null Light. When you do the fusion, get it so Bash (Orpheus), Vile Assault (Kaiwan), Weary Thrust (Kohryu), and Null Light (Kaiwan) transfer over to Koumokuten, and REPLACE Dekaja and either Regenerate 1 or Counterstrike with some other skills when he can't learn anymore. Koumokuten should end up with something like:

Swift Strike, Kill Rush, Cruel Attack, Regenerate 1/Counterstrike, Null Light, Bash, Vile Assault, and Weary Thrust.
There's only one skill that is noise here: Counterstrike or Regenerate 1 (which have a 1 to 1 preference ratio to the skills you want on Cybele, so it shouldn't be bad at all).

3.) Make a Vishnu with Melchizedek + Byakko + Garuda. Level up Melchizedek such that he gets Weary Thrust (level 64, he should get it when you make him since you need to have the at level 10 anyway). The Byakko and Garuda can just be the most default ones. When you do this fusion, make sure Vishnu gets Gigantic Fist (Mel.), Weary Thrust (Mel.), Deathbound (Byakko), and Arrow Rain (Garuda). REPLACE Mind Charge when given the chance to. Vishnu should end up with:

Akasha Arts, Ziodyne, Bufudyne, God's Hand, Gigantic Fist, Weary Thrust, Deathbound, and Arrow Rain.
There are no noise skills on this Vishnu, since all spells are physical. The Ziodyne and Bufudyne you want anyways, so they won't get in the way.

4.) Loki + Koumokuten + Vishnu = Cybele with 4 element -dyne spells and Null Light.
At most, you should only have 5 noise skills to deal with (mostly dependent on the Loki.. only 1 noise from Koumokuten and none from Vishnu).

Using this it only took about 10 minutes of shuffling. I decided to come up with this cause the one posted previously I had a lot of noise skills, and came up with only 3 of the 5 skills I wanted at most within an hour of shuffling.

Hope this is useful to someone.

User Info: Turkish01

9 years ago#63

Surt (maragidyne) + Ganesha (magarudyne lv.61) = Hariti (maragidyne, magurudyne)
I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks

User Info: Pentagarn

9 years ago#64
Thanks man. I ended up going a more roundabout way, but I eventually got Hariti. I'm just failing at making this 4 ma- dyne Lilith, though. The combination is too rare. Maybe I'll rethink how badly I want this.

User Info: Arthaiin

9 years ago#65
Help, I'm trying to get the 4-element (All) on Lilith and I've come to a snag, It says in the Succubus part to fuse Seth and Garuda, unfortunatelly when I do that I get Mot, not Hariti. Anyone know of a way around this? I'm trying to find different paths but no luck so far. Should I just slap Maragidyne and Maragudyne on Mot and try a different person to try and get the third Mara spell?
In the end there's only dust and ash.

User Info: Arthaiin

9 years ago#66
Erm, dyne spell I mean
In the end there's only dust and ash.

User Info: Arthaiin

9 years ago#67
I just had a brilliant idea to double and even triple the chances of getting a 4-dyne Lilith.

If you combine Succubus and Incubus you get Vetala, then combine Vetala and Incubus to get Lilim. You could quite possibly get all 3 dyne spells on Succubus, Vetala and Lilim and Maragidyne (the fire one) on all for with Die For Me! on 3 of them as well. This would GREATLY increase the chances of getting them on Lilith.
In the end there's only dust and ash.

User Info: lihsieh

9 years ago#68

User Info: AltecGreen

9 years ago#69
In the original thread, Chrono Chris made a typo on the Hariti fusion. Seth + Garuda does make a Mot and not Hariti.

The typo was corrected later in that thread but a lot of people missed it since they looked only one the first page.

The recipe in this thread was copied from Chrono's original post with the error.

User Info: jackstar_rock

9 years ago#70
okay, corrected Seth + Garuda = Mot! Well hope that the next guy to repost this is taking notes. =D

I'm going to delete the first page's post on ChronoChris' recipes so it stops misleading others (my apologies for not catching 1/500 posts which rectified that and thanks to AltecGreen for pointing it out:p). Before I go ahead with a repost, are there any more errors we should be aware of?
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