Persona 3 Board FAQ (Look here before asking questions!)

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    5.) What’s this about Death (the Reaper) being upon me? - By Look over there

    If you're wondering who he is when he appears, don't fight him. He shows up if you spend too much time on any one floor in Tartarus. If you draw a 'cursed' card from Shuffle Time (i.e. a card that has a transparent black skull on it), then the time you have before he shows up is reduced. This time limit you have varies according to size of the floor, according to opfer. Reported times have ranged from 10 minutes to merely 3 and a half minutes. Also, it is agreed that floors which have no enemies or more-than-normal amount of enemies already have a reduced time limit for the Reaper to show.

    Oh, and he is a fairly tough bugger to fight, compared to most enemies. He's capable of using Ma-Dynes of each element, Pierce attacks, insta-kills of both types (Light and Dark), and Almighty (Megidola, Megidolaon, Life Drain). Oh, and he knows the Breaks for each element too. Level 99, 4444 HP for you to beat through, and I heard that he resists everything while immune to Light/Dark. Consensus is to not try until you're at least in your 70's. People usually opt to wait till having Lucifer & Satan and simply Armageddon him out of the way.

    6.) What is Monad?

    Monad is an optional dungeon of ten floors that appears in Tartarus (you’ll see the big door to the right as you enter) that appears in January. It’s rather difficult to get though – you’ll need to find the weaknesses of the enemies as you go along, or else you’re pretty much screwed. It’s worth fighting these enemies because they give you so much experience that it doesn’t take too long to get to level 99. There’s also some rare equipment in there, and a 1,000,000 yen chest at the top.

    7.) How many months are there?

    You start on April 7th, and end on January 31st. So about 10.

    8.) What's the difference between easy and normal?

    On easy, you get 10 items that, when you die, will revive you and your entire party, and completely restore their HP and SP. Normal, you just get a game over when that happens.

    9.) I can’t defeat [insert boss here]!

    If you know its weakness, use it to knock it down. What does it usually attack with? If it always uses Bufu skills, you should get a persona that is resistant, immune, absorbs, or even reflects (if the enemy doesn’t absorb, that is) ice. Some won’t have a weakness, so either get better Personae, or level up. Look in a FAQ for more advice.

    10.) What are the new game+ bonuses?

    An easy second playthrough, really. Your compendium comes back, for one thing, although you have to either buy the personae or refuse them. The Main Character gets his level back, all of his equipment, and even unequipped equipment. Other characters, however, come back with crap equipment and a low level. You'll also have your yen and access to Monad. Also, although your Social Links don't come back, you can still fuse the ultimate personae for them (assuming you maxed them out in the previous playthrough, that is). Additionally, Elizabeth's 55th request will be unlocked, allowing you to fight an optional boss.

    11.) I FUSED ORPHEUS!!! CAN I GET HIM BACK? - Q. submitted by Melchior111

    Yes. By fusion or by buying him back from the Compendium.

    12.) What's the Compendium?

    It allows you to buy back your old, discarded or fused Personae. It becomes available on May 10th. You can also Register your Personae there, which takes the default data (such as the base level, and the stats and moves that it knew at that point) or the data you previously had, if any, and overwrites it with the new, current info from the persona. When you change the persona's data, however, the price to buy it goes up, depending on how different it is.

    Additionally, it keeps track of how many Personae you have collected.