Shell of a Man

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User Info: rpgonly

9 years ago#1
So the only request thats giving me any trouble is retrieve the shell of a man. I'm pretty late in the game and its driving me nuts. I know I have to get in the laboratory and get the anatomical model but its always locked.
PhoenixMoonRising 9 years ago#2
You have to accept the quest for the laboratory to unlock.
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User Info: rpgonly

9 years ago#3
The Quest for the laboratory? And whats that? This is more than likely going to make me feel like an idiot. I dont usually have trouble with stuff like this.

User Info: LordAndrew

9 years ago#4
The lab will be unlocked when you accept the request.
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User Info: SirEntropy

9 years ago#5
You cannot get the anatomical model and bring it to Elizabeth hoping to just do the request as it becomes available (whether because you have three quests already running, or otherwise). You must accept the quest entitled "Retrieve the shell of a man" (#13) and *then* go to the laboratory at the high school.

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