Whats the best fire persona?

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User Info: Oddysee

9 years ago#1
I've been using a 4-element (all target) Power for quite awhile now. However, as I'm using Yukari, Mitsuru and Akihiko, I've decided to get a really good fire persona so each of my party members covers an element very well. Is this a good idea? Or is it better to be a jack of all trades so to speak?

I'm level 33 at the moment. I'm planning on getting Incubus at 34, he seems like a good fire persona. But whats the best one?

User Info: Silliana

9 years ago#2
Probably Surt. He's the ultimate Magician persona, and the only one that learns Ragnarok (highest fire damage spell in game).

User Info: Azinar06

9 years ago#3
Keep in mind that you can still pass ragnarok to other personas. With this in mind, I would rate a Saturnus with ragnarok over Surt. You get an additional null to light. It kind of also depends on what you consider a "fire persona". Do you consider it something with an affinity to fire, something that can learn the best fire moves and null, repel, or drain fire, or merely one that can learn the best fire moves? It depends somewhat on your answer. That said, there really isn't a great fire persona in my opinion. I did mention Saturnus, but it does have a weakness. You may just want to pass ragnarok, Maragidyne, Fire Amp, and/or Fire Boost to a persona that can learn those moves, but has no weaknesses.

User Info: LordAnnubis

9 years ago#4
I would pass Ragnarok and Fire Boost to Seth
Null fire
Resist Dark
Repel Light (learned)

He has Maragydine, Fire amp and Fire Break
So you still have 2 skill slot for whatever else.
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User Info: saridu

9 years ago#5
I would suggest Tower Bishmonten (LV60) after Surt, he nulls pierce and fire and is strong against light, the ice weakness you can cover as Surt upgrades to Bishamonten in a three way.

Best depends on your level, Bishamonten learns Amp and has Maragidyne so you only really need to move Ragnorok so he's a nice fire tank.

User Info: Arthellinus

9 years ago#6
Saturnus with Ragnarok is the best Fire Persona easily. Give him Repel Dark and Fire Boost and you'll have him with Ragnarok, Maragidyne, Fire Amp, Fire Boost, Absorb Ice, Repel Dark, and his natural affinities drain Fire and repel Light. You still have two free skill slots on top of this to fill him out however you want.

User Info: Dark Shiek

Dark Shiek
9 years ago#7
I put Ragnarok and Fire Amp (or was it Boost?) on my Messiah just for the hell of it.

It worked pretty well >_>
Ooh Yeah!

User Info: Renegade_Zero

9 years ago#8
I would go with Seth. He has built-in Maragidyne, Fire Amp, and Fire Break, which means he can still attack enemies that are immune to fire. Saturnus doesn't have Fire Break, so I think Seth is much more usable. Just fuse Ragnarok, Fire Boost, and if you like, Repel Dark into him (just like you'd fuse those into Saturnus, but difference is you will have the added Fire Break in Seth).

But if you want an all-rounder, who can do more than just fire, go with Bishamonten. His default skills are already impressive, with Diarahan, Akasha Arts, and Arms Master thrown into the mix.

Asura is also a top-tier fire inheritance, but doesn't have much built-in fire skills. Asura is more geared towards an Almighty type.


User Info: TwilightDreamer

9 years ago#9
W00t for Bishamonten with Ragnarok/Fire Amp/Akasha Arts/Arms Master. (and Cool Breeze for me)

Truly an all-round Persona that lasted me a good long while.
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User Info: Azinar06

9 years ago#10
The one that I use is Masakados with the top tier fire moves. Keep in mind that, when FES is released, Masakados will have slash affinity rather than dark affinity. This means that you will likely be unable to transfer fire moves to Masakados in FES.

My advice regarding whether to specialize your personas or make them a jack-of-all-trades is to do both. I think you can have 12 personas with you at a time. Therefore, you have more than enough slots to have specialists of every elemental type, physical attack specialist, one that has all top tier single target elemental skills(Panta Rhei, Ragnarok, Niflheim, and Thunder Reign), one that has all top tier all target ma___dyne spells, possibly a good starter with all three auto-ma__kaja skills, etc. These are just a few possibilities. Do whatever suits you best.

It might not be a bad idea to pass Morning Star to some or all of your specialists if you can spare a move slot for it. This helps if you still want to use that particular persona, but the enemy resists or is immune to the element in question. Another option is to pass the respective elemental break skill.
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