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User Info: Lockon

5 years ago#1
<3 her and she <3's me.

#1 FAN.
|Haters gonna hate on Tenten The Great|Aigis <3|and Only Sasuke of NSUNS3 Board|

User Info: WrenchNinja

5 years ago#2
It can't love you. It's a robot. Robots cannot have emotions, fool.

User Info: _Aigis_

5 years ago#3
I beg to differ, Ninja-san. And... I would appreciate it greatly, if you did not call me an "it"...
Items: 3 Attack Mirrors

User Info: WrenchNinja

5 years ago#4
Shove it up your gasket, you machine!

User Info: Hirasugi

5 years ago#5
aigis is amazing regardless of what she is. Hell I connected with Wall-E more than any real actor in a long time. Ninjas don't have souls

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