Last gasp for WE:PES 2007?

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User Info: terracognita

9 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

I've been using the goalgerd & pategato OFs (both 2.5 and the "Ultimate") for the past few months, and since PES 2008 will be out this month, I guess that there will be no new OFs for WE:PES 2007 that take into account the January transfers.

I'm not going to be buying PES 2008... in part because of what I've read about it, but also because I'm still using a PS2 and not likely to upgrade to the "next-gen" console until the end of this year at the earliest (and probably right around when PES 2009 comes out, if it's good).

So, assuming that pategato will be too busy working on OFs for PES 2008 ;-) is there some way I can find a thorough list of the January 2008 transfers in one place? All I've been able to find are those involving English Premier League teams, and there are quite a few other teams in the game.

That way I can do the transfers using the "register player" in the Edit menu. I don't know if there are any "new" players that I would have to create, but I'm hoping that there aren't too many, as I don't think I'm that good at creating them from scratch. ;-)

Scott (FinderKeeper at pesgaming)

P.S. I'd be interested in hearing how the US version of PES 2008 plays, if Konami has done "fixes" that make it better than the Europe/UK version, that would be great.

User Info: pategato

9 years ago#2
Goalgerd updated january transfers on our Ultimate file, but that's on PES 6 only, hardly have touched my ps2 in nearly 4 months, as I've been hooked on X360's WE2007 (can't wait for PES2008), what I can do for you is converting this update to WE2007, but a lot of faces will be messed up, if you're willing to deal with this, let me know.

User Info: terracognita

9 years ago#3
No problem pategato! I can deal with messed-up faces. It's PS2 after all, the faces aren't as high-res as the next-gen platforms, so it'll be harder to tell! If it means the rosters are updated, that's worth it.

I know you're probably busy trying out PES 2008 on Xbox360 right now, so don't worry about sending it right away. Just let me know when it's ready (here or on PESgaming).

Thanks man!

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