Should i continue playing this?

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  3. Should i continue playing this?

User Info: henriue

5 years ago#1
i bought AI 1 in 2005, but never beat it, and it always bothered me, so i made up my mind i would beat it along with AI 2, AI3 and mana khemia series, and i fell in love with 1 and 2, but the third one is incredibly boring, im in chapter 4 and finding it very had to like the storyline if you can call unrelated quests a storyline, and i am not having fun at all, and so far nothing has tied this game to the previous ones, so my questions are:

am i gonna find a relation to the previous games or mana khemia, in the future or is it a sand alone game?

is the story going to get better from now on?

is it really worth playing or should i just skip it and go to Mana Khemia.

User Info: blackfeather_58

5 years ago#2
Standalone game.

It becomes more coherent, but the main plot is not all that interesting in my opinion.

You can skip this and play Mana Khemia, which uses a slightly improved battle system of this game. The plot is just as uninteresting though.

User Info: xChaosLokix

5 years ago#3
Well if you have problems with the style of pretty much accepting random quests and requests and the storyline progressing at end of chapters the Mana Khemia series is essentially the same thing with Guild Quests changed to Class Assignments.

Of course in Mana Khemia you have more control over the progression of the story since finishing an assignment advances the time line rather than story intervals being based on your rank up progression like in AI3.
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  3. Should i continue playing this?

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