mods? maps?

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User Info: nesrtkfan

8 years ago#1
anyone know of some place to get mods or maps for this game and/or know of some fun ones to play?

i checked on (a sid meirs games website) but there wasn't much there


User Info: Warll2

8 years ago#2
Well you're in for a treat, in the past ~3 years there have been many maps made for this game. I actually Just started making an effort to organize them in one simply place. It is not officially done yet but most of the maps are there and more should be coming. The fansite in guestion is As for ecomendations, that depends on what you are looking for. If you want a real world, accurate and challenging map then try out the "Utah" map. If you jsut want to play around with more maps then you're best bet is to just start downloading, there are many good ones.

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