Problems Installing, and Patch 1.5

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User Info: -riseagainst-

9 years ago#1
Hello Everyone!

I come to you with a problem, I purchased this game today, The Deluxe Edition, and tried installing it.

Installed and fine, So I play for a while in single player, because there were only a few servers on this unpatched version..

So I downloaded version 1.5 but I get a message that says "Conflict with Emulation Software detected" when I try to run the game.

I don't have any Emulation software on my computer.

Any remedies to this problem?

Thanks in Advance.

User Info: -riseagainst-

9 years ago#2
Ehh.. Hate to double post, but I am running Vista, I forgot to add that :P

User Info: Shadowhawk000

9 years ago#3
Hmm Try Running as Admin and REinstall the Game Too.

User Info: -riseagainst-

9 years ago#4
I've Re-installed three times, and the "Run as admin" function, but 1.5 still doesn't work.

Whatever version I have installed right now, works, and has about 4 servers on it, which is enough for now =/

User Info: nayhem

9 years ago#5
I think Punkbuster is responsible for emulator checking. Update it at If that doesn't help, ask around there what programs they consider emulators.
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User Info: bigjcvegas

9 years ago#6
that is a punkbuster issue
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User Info: -riseagainst-

9 years ago#7
PB issue?
Right on, I'll give that a try,

Thanks for the help, guys.

User Info: -riseagainst-

9 years ago#8

I re-downloaded patch 1.5

Updated punkbuster, and still getting the "Conflict with Emulation Software Detected" message.

What the heck is with this? Does the game just hate me?

User Info: badkarma77

9 years ago#9

-riseagainst- posted...
...still getting the "Conflict with Emulation Software Detected" message...

Weird. That error is usually what you would see if you're trying to run a game that uses anti-piracy software, such as Starforce and it detects emulation software on your PC. BF2142 doesn't use Starforce and as far as I know doesn't use any anti-piracy software. That's why you have to have the CD in your PC to play the game.

User Info: ssnewton

9 years ago#10
i had the same problem just keep downloading new patches it took me about 6 or 7 until I found one that worked, make sure to reinstall the game everytime u try a new patch try this url, it will direct u 2 4 websites with patches, i downloaded all 4, i dont remember hich one
worked but i know 1 of ems good
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