anyo0ne get JS2 yet?

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User Info: peul23

7 years ago#1
Anyone get JS2 yet???? I have not finished the first but I will get 2 when I get this done.


7 years ago#2
I completed the first one quite recently now i'm a couple of days into Just Cause 2. It's a lot of fun!

User Info: LancetJades

7 years ago#3
I'll most likely get JC2, but first I'm hoping to steamroll JC1. It was really cheap, so I figured why not, especially since if I played 2 first, 1 would seem almost unplayable due to archaic-feeling controls and mechanics.
Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of gods.
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User Info: baby ice dog

baby ice dog
7 years ago#4
Wise choice! JC1 already feels quite clunky - fun, but clunky. JC2 seems so much more polished from what I've played of the demo.
-: bite first, ask questions later :-
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