No Wanted Level yet??

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User Info: OrgeLambart

7 years ago#1
I have no wanted Levels and yet still the helicopters shoot at me, and police try to kill me. My weapons aren't drawn either.

Really annoying, especially considering i'm trying to finish the mountain race.

User Info: baby ice dog

baby ice dog
7 years ago#2
Eh, they seem to go crazy for you on that mountain race - there's often a chopper hanging around overhead, and as soon as you just bump another vehicle, they decide that's excuse enough to start shooting at you - of course, all it does it rile up the other traffic and make the whole thing more difficult for you :(
Since you're just trying to clear things up before JC2, check the other thread at the top of this board about the mountain race - you can use a chopper to do it much more easily. You'll still need some skill, but not nearly as much as you would in a car/bike ;)
-: bite first, ask questions later :-
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