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User Info: yepnick

8 years ago#1
I am looking for th plan on Kreeli Comet. I followed the faq that says"At the point where you use the magnetic track to get past the pirate cannons, jump out and glide down to the land below you. You will be right outside a
pirate doorkeeper, and behind you there is a swingshot target. Swing across to
get to the holo-plan piece." Can anyone explain what I need to do and where to get it.

User Info: PieingDutchman

8 years ago#2
This Holo-Plan is able to be found at the first checkpoint, where you come across a Vendor and the music changes. Head back to the ship and look down the right side. There should be some platforms you can land on below. Jump down to the first one. Swingshot to the second platform and grab the Plan in the crate here. Continue on to get some more bolts and Raritanium.

If you're wanting to get the Skill Point "Lombaxes Don't Like Cold", for smashing all the icicles, you'll need to go down here to get them all.
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User Info: RSmit

8 years ago#3
^ That skill point is so much easier on a return visit (when you have acquired a certain item). You can get it on your first visit, but it is so easy to miss one icicle here and there.
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