I'd Rather Not Yell Thanks

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User Info: dees1010

7 years ago#1
As I'm sure you guessed, I need a good replacement for shouting into the microphone. Mainly because it's kind of embarrassing and my parents are asleep and I don't want to wake them. Also, I don't want to scrounge up 500 more rupees for the salvage arm I looked at a similar topic that suggested tapping the stylus near the mic, which I will try.

I have tried:
Blowing into it
Blasting my ipod headphones at it
Playing music/tv next to it

If anyone has any good ideas I would really appreciate it. My last ditch effort would be to drive onto a country road about a mile away and telling it what's up, but I'd rather not.
I wise man once said it's different to fold then leave the game entirely,

User Info: dees1010

7 years ago#2
Just wanted to say that tapping the stylus worked great, but out of curiousity; snapping your fingers doesn't really work does it?
I wise man once said it's different to fold then leave the game entirely,

User Info: 94067

7 years ago#3
Blowing into works, the guy even mentions it afterward, and I've done it on both my playthroughs. You must not be blowing hard enough or holding the DS too far away from you.
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User Info: TheRewster

7 years ago#4
If you blow loudly enough, you can get it down to 200 Rupees (I've done it before).

Another alternative is clapping.

User Info: wild_ookami

7 years ago#5
These guys are right, blowing into it really works. I have used it on many games that have required you to yell or whatever. I would suggest trying it again.
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