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Curtains Down - 1 Witness?! (SPOILERS)

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User Info: Scathen

7 years ago#1
I even used a walkthrough on YouTube and did exactly as the poster did yet I still have one mysterious witness who keeps me from getting Silent Assassin.
Here's what goes down:
- Playing on Normal
- Chat up the receptionist right off the bat
- Wait for the worker to enter the bathroom, sedate him, take his clothes, and throw him in the bin
- Go down to the main worker area
- Make my way to the rafters where the stage lights are
- Sedate the worker up there (I know it's not him) and plant the bomb for the main stage
- Make my way toward the opera shooter's room and wait in the closet
- Swap the guns and leave
- Make my way back to the beginning, get my suit back, and wait for the WWI pistol to go off
- As soon as Delahunt gets up the main stage, I blow the bomb and slip out of the opera

Yet, I still have one unidentified witness who keeps ruining my day. It's interesting to note that on a handful of occasions (I've played this level a LOT), all the guards and police start shooting me as soon as the real WWI pistol does it's deed - despite the fact that no one saw me plant the gun or anything. Need some help here, guys. Really tired of playing this level only to get screwed at the end. Thanks.

User Info: Keby

7 years ago#2
Possible problems I can see are that if there's any mirrors in the bathroom when you sedate the worker, he may see you in the reflection before you sedate him. Also, I too have had problems with people shooting me when the pistol goes off or when I detonate the bomb, so maybe try going somewhere secluded when waiting and detonating. I wait in the corner of the hall on the top floor.
Your plan sounds pretty good and should be getting sa, while you're doing it on a difficulty with saves, you can save it at critical points, and if the results aren't good upon finishing the level, you can use Y to restart at the stat screen. Even though it starts you at the beginning, you can load your saves and experiment with different things.

User Info: EJ902

7 years ago#3
I agree that it seems like a good plan. The only thing I can suggest is you watch out for NPCs who are too suspicious of you. If someone starts starting at 47 intently, your alert meter goes up to yellow and the person starts following 47 around for a bit, then they may count as a witness regardless of whether or not they see you do anything. Don't stand around too much looking shifty, keep out of the way of guards and whatnot.

I suspect that the guard outside the executor's changing room would count as a witness if he sees you coming out of there (but I don't know for sure).
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User Info: TheConstable

7 years ago#4
try the same way you are doing it except...
go first to swap the guns, then to the rafters to plant the bomb. dont waste time trying to sedate the worker at the top but climb down the hole in the roof to watch. once the gun goes off and the other guy is under the chandler blow it up and climb back up. then walk back out the way you came into the bathroom take your suit and leave
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User Info: oiCurTx

7 years ago#5

Theres a guide i used for silent assassin on pro :) should have no problems :)

User Info: kingmarkIII

7 years ago#6

yes the link posted above is one of the easiest solutions, and it sounds like you are sedating way to many people

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  3. Curtains Down - 1 Witness?! (SPOILERS)

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