Unable to play it suddenly? PAL50/60

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  3. Unable to play it suddenly? PAL50/60

User Info: wappersha

6 years ago#1
Basically since one of the most recent updates i've been unable to play this game.

Pops up with a message saying it can't be played in PAL-50 and to change it under console settings, display. Sadly theres no option to change this, tried connecting via HDMI and Component.

Any help?

User Info: Keby

6 years ago#2
This happened to me a very long time ago, try switching to just the yellow, white and red, then changing display settings to pal-60 if it's there.

User Info: greybeard

6 years ago#3
The official and most independent Component cables have a simple 'TV' switch on the console plug end. That will put it into standard definition (SD) mode which, hopefully, should allow you to re-set the console to 60Hz.

But why the update should have caused a PAL console to switch to 50Hz is odd.

User Info: MachineGryphon

6 years ago#4
I can testify to the switch on the cable that'll fix it. I had this problem too when I loaded up BM a while ago, and had to figure out what to do to fix it. I don't know any other game to do this, it's a little frustrating, but it's possible to get around.
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  3. Unable to play it suddenly? PAL50/60

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