So, I bought this game today..

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User Info: Kristbjorn

5 years ago#1
...after reading all the stellar reviews. One question: is the AI as bad all the way through as it is in the tutorial?

Playing on pro, in the tutoral, the enemies are like mannequins. For example, in the beginning, I toss the coin ouf of the door to distract the gangsters, and think, "oh ****, it's right outside the door, and I'm standing in front of a huge window". Not only do they not see me through the window (forgivable), but when they are standing right beside the door, I open it, and staring me in the face, they are still talking about how the coin distracting them as I head
butt them to death.

Then, when you have to steal the chemist's suit - I am hiding in the closet, jump out, and he just goes on about his business, even as I walk up directly behind him, touching him. It's not until I walk around the table and stare him in the face that he realizes something is off.

And before that, with the scene with the gangster and the lawyer riding the mechanical horse, I snuck up to the back of the gangster and ran into him for a good 5 seconds. He never realized I was there.

User Info: PuRe2772

5 years ago#2
The first mission is completely scripted. The AI does a decent enough job in the later missions to keep in challenging but fun. Its not spectacular but it does its job.

User Info: jedistormtroop

5 years ago#3
Welcome aboard right now this is my first hitman game andmim upto a murder of crows already pre ordered absolution
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User Info: PurlinnWarclub

5 years ago#4
Yeah the tutorial is very linear and I think the AI is 'scripted' like that guy said. But I don't recall having many problems with the AI if at all and I have compleated the game on each difficultly setting. If you think its too easy or whatever you will find the later levels to be FAR more challenging than the tutorial, especially on Professional mode.
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User Info: gamesrgreat

5 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure the AI is way better than that on pro, at least on further levels.
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