My Character Just Got Stuck !

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User Info: Eltimas

7 years ago#1
Yes! In Kabarah Strip Mine, my character got stuck between the wall and a house and I can't move at all. I tried logging in and out, it didn't work. What the hell should I do?
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User Info: MugenNoKaze

7 years ago#2
use Return.
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User Info: Shadow0001

7 years ago#3
This is a command i believe (/stuck?) that gets you out of the situation. Dont quote me on this but im sure there is something along those lines.

User Info: Drewdadruid

7 years ago#4
there is no /stuck function that i know of but i remember a group of players complaining that the game needs one.
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User Info: Gevauden

7 years ago#5
Have someone join your party and let them get mobs to come and kill you, that would work
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