How do 30's manage to get thousands of kills and ap?

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  3. How do 30's manage to get thousands of kills and ap?

User Info: Zanin

7 years ago#1
I play on Vaziel and whenever I rift on my sorc in Eltnen it takes awhile before I find anybody near my level. Half the time I find low levels that aren't worth much in ap or run into high levels that I can't land any spells on. I don't know if it's because my server is just low pop or what. I've only seen one person on my server who's an assassin with 8k kills and full gold ap gear at level 35. I can't even manage 100 kills in a day. Does this take months to achieve that much or can it be done in a month or less? Should I wait for server transfers? Keep going at it? Or should I just focus on moving into the 40's and eventually 50?

User Info: PiNoKe

7 years ago#2
in after eggs...

User Info: MugenNoKaze

7 years ago#3
Grind in the abyss.. go gank in the abyss.. participate in fort raids, maybe?
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User Info: Marentha

7 years ago#4
prolly a "perma-rifter"

alot of these guys set up hard core twinks, loaded down with a f-ton of consumables and kisks, and really never travel back to their own realm.

They get to know the quest hubs and where people farm for quest mobs. They also feed on alot of bots.
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User Info: drokmore

7 years ago#5
If you twink a toon with some good low level 30 blues, you could easily sneak up and gank high 30s/low 40s toons that are poorly geared and get a ton of xp. Probably can kill fortress guards as well for almost 80 ap a pop.

User Info: Gamer7125

7 years ago#6
Yeah I think he's referring to eggs:

They pretty much stated what needs to be done, make a high lvl character get millions of kinah and godstones and what not. Create a alt (Perferably Sin) but really any class could do it. Sins are just more preferred cause they can go into hide mode. Anyways use your main char "The Money Maker" to get enough kinah so your sin can be decked out in full blues and have nice weps, and atk speed gloves would help. Mass tons of food/scrolls/pots and take a couple of kisks and learn where people are more likely to quest, just make sure it isn't to overpopulated. And just start picking off people, and make sure to have the aion character viewer open just incase your worried about accidently atking someone thats significantly higher than you. Eventually as time passes you start racking up tons of AP and you can you this to purchase the lv 30 abyss gear, perferrably jewelry first. Then either armor pieces or go for the weps. And once your have good weps make sure to put silence/blind/paralyze godstones in them.

Im am in the process of making a Elyos Sin Twink on Zikel Server, I have like 8 mill so far to spend on my twink but I recon I might need a little more, but he's only lv 12 right now so I still have time to get some more kinah before he hits lv 25-30ish.
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User Info: Zanin

7 years ago#7
I don't see how you could get thousands of kills rifting though, I'm guessing most of those come from seiges?

User Info: kenman

7 years ago#8
Probably just rifting for months and months. Some sorc on my server is a perma-37 twink that has hung out in Beluslan like every day for the past few months, 7.6k kills.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

7 years ago#9
I'm 31 and have like 10 kills :( haha. Often I go into the rifts and on the other side there's already asmo's waiting to knock your teeth in. Sometimes I can pull off a quick root/sleep or some kind of CC and explore...usually run into another higher level and end up dead lol.
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User Info: Arsenikum

7 years ago#10

Rift, if your lucky and got a good group you can killa whole bunch before getting killed yourself (my friend had 100and some kills at level 35) personally, i am lvl 31assassin and i have 26-28kills

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