need help joining wu-tang

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User Info: Blayce

9 years ago#1
I have been searching for a way to join wu-tang but have found nothing. can someone please help me out?

User Info: Ihop222

9 years ago#2
you have to start in the wu-tang map and do the quests there. BTW if you want to get help for 9Dragons i suggest you post in the website message board b/c 9D isnt too popular here.

User Info: tidusffx_2000

8 years ago#3
You can only join Wu-Tang or Heavenly Demon and become an apprentice at Lv20, which is Gathering Chi 8.

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User Info: Riversider

8 years ago#4
Besides, both Wu Tang basic fist and Wu Tang basic sword have to be at Cheng 2 or higher or else you can't join.
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  3. need help joining wu-tang

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