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User Info: Devil_Hand

8 years ago#1
Ok...so I would like to know...
How you guys handle with level die...
like in this situations...
Having Level Die Fighting...

Devil Hand
Devil Hand(Full Power)

And how much enemies have you taken down while in Level Die!..?
I kinda remember having a rough time on the desert while in level die...
Then having to fight that "tin can" with a battery on its back in level die...
good thing I have a full meter to use God Hand and some finishers...
Like Shaolin Blast and stuff...

User Info: KensaiDiem

8 years ago#2
Elves? if you mean The Mad Midget Five then for them you can:
1. Get them caught in multi hit moves put two on your X and Tri buttons and just switch between using side dodge for laser beams, don't worry if others jump at you head on they usually get caught up in the combo too.
2. Wait for 4 of them to start rolling towards you then when they stop spam La Bomba, the last one will normally follow in too so you'll get all of them, if might not finish any of them off but some quick running kicks will finish them of nice and easy.

Shannon: Stick up close to here, all her normal attacks can be high evaded and when she backflips away run after and use running Square to stop her using he magic, when she starts using her powerful moves just backflip away.
Also all her magic attacks can be stopped by the iron bars so you can hide just behind some to force her to move towards you instead of braving her magic maelstrom.

Devilhand: High evade screws him over, just use basic moves against him and don't spare the Godhand unleashes on him, you'll recharge fast enough with all the dodging you'll get done.
As for his roulettes, once you tell which move he's about to use then go for the dodge and ready a big attack whilst he's stuck in the after move animation.
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User Info: KensaiDiem

8 years ago#3
Mad Migdet Five 2nd time: You have La Bomba 2 now, wait for them to finish their totem pole spin attack then hit 'em hard with La Bomba 2, it might even be enough to finish them off I forget, if it's not enough some extra kicks will be.

Shannon Demon Form: Backflip is your best option for dodging also use the "Avoid" command when it comes up but after you do it run straight back towards her front, if you don't she'll spam the magic at you and you can't high evade it, side step or backflip from it, you just have to run around like a loon, so avoid yes attack her back no.
Get the timing down on the backflips and you'll have it easy.

Devilhand Unleashed: Again high evades will screw him over even when he unleashes in fact you can use the evade sweep against him even when he has unleashed, so even when he goes Devilhand on you (to quote an enemy in game) "Don't run away like a little girl!", you got that?
Keep high evading, keep close, keep to simple moves, only try to guard break when you can read him like a book.
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User Info: SundarkSoldier

8 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure he means Elvis.
Seven little Indian boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

User Info: jasonred79

8 years ago#5
Heh... play Hard mode... they are ALL level DIE. Bwahahaha.... ouch.
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