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User Info: PhatBuds

9 years ago#1
what do i do if my inventory gets full. i sold my junk equipment and gave the specialized items to the guys that can use them
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User Info: thebigknowltino

9 years ago#2
Sounds like you have the right idea. Whatever you do, don't sell Nord's stones, because its one of the best items and you can't go back and get it again unless you start a brand new game.

User Info: overcracker

9 years ago#3
Basically that, you sell off unwanted items, and equip those you do want. Note, that items dropped by end of level bosses such as Black Heart's Corruption or Scorpion's Tail, cannot be reacquired if sold or dropped.

Also character specific items are random and get better as you progress, so if you sell or drop one chances are you'll get a better one down the line.
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