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User Info: rockon1215

9 years ago#1
Hulk: Pure Tank--- I've only played 3 levels with him (just got gold edition) and I already love him. His cyclone punch does high damage, his stomp is great for crowd control, and I haven't even unlocked his fury boost yet.

Captain America: Tank/Ranged fighter--- Captain America can get you through the game with 2 attacks: Shield Bash and Shield Throw. Shield Throw can knock people over AND STILL HITS THEM WHEN THEY'RE ON THE GROUND and shield bash is a high damage melee attack that blocks enemy's attacks while it charges up AND it knocks enemies in the air.

Silver Surfer: Ranged Attacker/Healer--- C'mon. Everyone knows Silver Surfer is ridiculously overpowered in this game. He has one of the highest damaging attacks in the game along with a great crowd control move in surfers rage AND HE HEALS YOUR ENTIRE TEAM!!!

Thor: Crowd Control/Everything--- He has hands down the best crowd control move in the game in Thor's winds (or norse winds. I forget) Giant cyclone sucks up enemies damaging them and doesn't let them attack. Crowds are a joke with this guy. Plus with Mojnier's might (sp?) a great one-on-one melee attack and a great one-on-one ranged attack in Hammer Throw.

What is you guys best team? And please say why. Reading a list of names is pretty boring.

User Info: BlazingxPaddles

9 years ago#2
Silver Surfer, and anyone else I feel like it. seriously, you could easily solo the game with SS.

User Info: TheKyubi

9 years ago#3
I only played this game through once. And I used Spider-Man, Captain America, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine.

I wouldn't say they're the best team, but I had fun with them.

Spider-Man is freakin awesome in this game. His Web Warrior(I think) attack is nice, you just throw the enemy towards you and he will be on the ground, enemy's defense is weaker now.

Captain America for the same reason, range and a tanker.

Ghost Rider just for the hell of it. His only good attack might be the first one, burning the enemies.

And Wolverine for his special rage attacks. When he is on rage mode, he can take down an enemey's health FAST!!

I have still yet to try the other members, but will do so when my friend gets the game so we can play online.

User Info: rockon1215

9 years ago#4
you could solo the game with him, but melee fighters are much more fun

User Info: comicbookguy7

9 years ago#5


using just 2 guys makes them level up alot faster.

i like using the fantatic four or spiderman,daredevil,black panther, deadpool

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User Info: AikonMonk

9 years ago#6
Spider-man, Captain America, Hulk, and Moon Knight is the absolute best team for me.
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User Info: MeanFoo

9 years ago#7
Playing the "Bad to the Bone" team now: Blade, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, and Wolverine.

Luke Cage dies all the time on me :(

User Info: Akuma519

9 years ago#8
Dead Pool for (battle cry)
Sabretooth for talon frenzy
Dr. Strange for Falteens flame (ridiculous with deadpools buff)
venom for his multitarget rapid tap, for the same reason as Strange
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User Info: so3fan

9 years ago#9
My absolute best team? Let me think...I think it comes out to be something like this:

Spider-man - Long has Spidey been one of my favorite Marvel heroes. His abilities rock, even though his Ultimate (Bungee Bash) isn't that great against bigger enemies. He is, however, an awesome ranger, and Spidey Sense is an awesome ability to have.

Deadpool - Awesome guy. Battle Cry is great, and he's a nice ranger, like Spider-Man. So, if Spidey is sniping enemies with his Web Shot, then I use Deadpool's guns to wreak some havoc. But this doesn't mean that he's not also an awesome melee attacker. Blade Spin rules!

Ghost Rider - Another one of my all-time favorite Marvel heroes. He's extremely useful in so many aspects. Of course, it's fun to make enemies spontaneously combust, but some of his chain moves are pretty good, too (I used his ranged chain attack to basically beat the final boss senseless). Penance Stare is also a nice ability to keep handy. And then you get his second outfit and level up his Auto-Revive ability all the way...then he's just awesome (as if he wasn't already).

Moon Knight - This dude's fast, and he has a lot of useful techniques. His Ultimate is fun to use, and he can lay enemies to waste in no time at all.
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User Info: Fr0znReapr

9 years ago#10
My Team is:

Human Torch



Luke Cage/Ghost Rider
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