Tips wanted for Spider-Woman's sim disc

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User Info: Beni149

7 years ago#1

I'm on Normal Mode, around level 60s, and I have about half of the solo sim discs completed, including Iceman's notoriously difficult one. Before anyone says I should start a new game, I'm also trying to unlock Silver Surfer and get the Dressed for Success achievements with this file, so I'm holding off on that.

As brutal was Iceman's was, I found Spider-Woman's to be even worse. Everyone who's played MUA should already know why, so I'm not gonna rant about it. I already have Bronze, but not Silver yet. I already know Bio-Web is useless for racking points becaused the charmed enemies that explode don't give points, and her enemy count is limited enough as it is. I have her in the SHIELD outfit for the best possible melee damage against energy-resistant enemies, but it's still crappy.

So... any ideas on how to get Gold for this one?

User Info: overcracker

7 years ago#2
Actually, point are not as limited as it looks. The Third Room will continue to spawn enemies endlessly. Just exit the room, move one or two rooms passed and return, you should have more enemies to kill.

Also the hallway that leads to the big L shaped room just before facing the boss, will also re-spawn enemies for quite a while.

You should be able to rack enough points before you reach the boos. The only problme is most enemies are energy resistant so you'll have to melee your way through.
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User Info: winstonblues

7 years ago#3
she has a buff that helps her stay healthy, you might need to switch costumes and put points in the blast attack and the web attack that slows down 3 or so enemies, make sure to have asgard armor on also
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