Captain America's Simulator Mission

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User Info: Binky_Barnes

8 years ago#1
Okay, what the heck. I finally started doing the simulator missions because I'm a little under-leveled. So I started at the top, with Captain America's disc.

For one thing, I've seen guides say not to bother with enemies until you're in a room with a bomb. That's not a good plan because all the enemies training behind you will follow you wherever you go and then they'll cave your head in.

Next, the winter solider fight. He's an absolute TANK. He doesn't take hardly any damage at all. What this means is, I try to shave down his health a few slivers, and then the time on the missile gets too low and I have to guess which consoles to activate to give me another 40 measly seconds to try and chip away at winter soldier.

So, ultimately the missile ends up launching and I fail the mission. Any better strategies for this map? My captain is level 24 or so. Thanks.

User Info: overcracker

8 years ago#2
O.k. lets take it a section at a time.

Enemies and Bombs:

Don't worry too much about the bombs. Try to kill the most enemies in a room before turning your attention to the bomb. Otherwise the enemies will just knock you out of the disarming sequence.

In Rooms without bombs, just kill all enemies before moving on. There's plenty of time. The last bomb you can deactivate without killing anybody, as the enemies aren't smart enough to get behind the console where the bomb is.

Winter Soldier,

The strategy here is to wail on him for 25 to 30 seconds and the go to the consoles. You need to activate 3 in a row to get the extra time. You can do this as many times as you need to. It doesn't matter if you don't attack Winter soldier between attempts. Or if you have 30 or 55 seconds left. If you Activate the consoles the time will go up. You can only have a max of 1 minute though.

If you feel you need more time go to the consoles.

As far as which ones to activate, just look for the ones that have their panel flashing red. (Not to be confused with the red strobe lights above the center of the area). Having a point in Shield Charge makes for a quick way to run around the consoles. Just activate Shield charge when you want to circle the consoles.


Max out Shield Bash, and Reserve Strength so you increase your damage. You can take points form other powers if you need to. You can always put them back when you are done.
Have Reserve Strength going as often as you can.

You'll also want to put points into the Shield Mastery ability of his Ultimate Costume so you inflict more damage with his shield.

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User Info: Binky_Barnes

8 years ago#3
Oh dang, that's almost exactly what I was doing. I didn't know the consoles would flash red, though. I also didn't have the charge power mapped because I never use it.

I was kind of hoping there'd be a faster way to wear down Winter Soldier but I guess there isn't. I'll give it another try.

User Info: Solo4114

7 years ago#4
I find the Cap mission to be a real pain in the ass. It took me a number of tries to beat it. Here are the tips I can offer.

1.) Use his Ultimate costume (it's the one you start with) and max out the stats on it. If you don't have the cash to do that, not to worry. The Asgard sim missions (IE: Kurse) are goldmines. Use the Marvel Royalty team (Dr. Doom, Thor, Storm, Dr. Strange, Black Panther) or the Assassins team (Elektra, Deadpool, Blade, Wolverine). I prefer Marvel Royalty, especially with Thor using maxed out Godspeed power. He can use his Extreme attack like every minute with that.

The ultimate costume is good because it provides a boost to shield damage. I forget what the other boost is.

2.) If you have it, equip Attuma's Wrath or the Asgard Armor or one of the +X% damage items. Don't worry if it says it only boosts energy or electrical damage or whatever. It boosts all of them, apparently.

3.) Max out the following powers for Cap: Shield Throw, Reserve Strength, Shield Bash.

4.) For I agree that it's best to clear a room out before defusing bombs. My room clearing strategy is this:

- Before entering, use Reserve Strength (or whichever one makes Cap move and attack faster).

- Upon opening the door, use maxed-out shield throw. This will knock all the enemies down. In smaller rooms, the shield will keep bouncing around and knocking them down, doing constant damage. With the Ultimate costume and a +X% powers it'll be boosted pretty high. While the enemies are down, wail on 'em with regular melee. You'll be boosting Cap's extreme attack pretty fast with Reserve Strength maxed. Use his Extreme attack when you get a room full of enemies.

- Once the room is clear, defuse the bomb. Do it right the first time so that you can save time on the clock and improve your points.

5.) The boss fight...hooboy. This fight is a pain in the ass. Shield Throw won't do squat against him. The Extreme attack isn't going to help much either unless you want to clear out a bunch of the barrels for maybe some health/energy orbs. Pretty much Shield Bash fully charged is what I'd advise using vs. the creep. When the timer gets down to about 20-30 seconds, start rolling (the left bumper move) to each of the consoles and press X next to them. Be sure you have Reserve Strength activated because it'll help you move faster. Basically the power helps speed up just about all animations (same is true with Godspeed, actually -- try it out using Mjolnir Slam some time and you'll see what I mean).


AFTER you beat Winter Soldier, the ordeal is not over. He drops a keycard (or whatever) that you have to use on one of the consoles. Pick it up, zip over to the console and use it.

Next to Storm, I found Cap's sim disc to be one of the most annoying, so if this mission is making you want to pull your hair out, rest assured you aren't alone.

User Info: EmperorLinkX

7 years ago#5
if you need a little extra boost, start a new game on easy with your completed game data. although the sim mission enemies are tougher than the campaign enemies, they're still easier on easy.
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User Info: dcc76

7 years ago#6
if you need a little extra boost, start a new game on easy with your completed game data. although the sim mission enemies are tougher than the campaign enemies, they're still easier on easy.

Thanks! You just saved me the trouble of making a topic asking exactly this. I have golds on all the disc missions except four (the Mephisto realm simulations) so I may just do that to get those last for to get "Golden Age of Comics"
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User Info: Stedinator

7 years ago#7
I loathe this mission and I want it to die. Just thought I'd give my two cents. =)
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