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User Info: ignacious0147

8 years ago#1
OK so Every time the mission starts, I immediately put everything on "Hold Fire" Stance, which is kinda necessary. Everyone runs over to the SW GDI base, and I use planning mode to capture the 2 barracks and 2 war factories. After that I use my commando and shadows to take out the defenses, and build about 5 each of Predators and APC's (to defend against Scrim incursions). Another minute or so and I have the GDI Base completely taken over and I'm starting to produce my army when I get the confirmation for objective 2 being complete, no biggy, Scrin did my job for me. But then about another minute and I fail the mission because the Scrin have destroyed the 2nd GDI Con-Yard! Is this a known bug or glitch? I'm about ready to get a hack just to beat this level it's pissing me off so bad. Any ideas?

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User Info: CyberLink2000

8 years ago#2
There is a really simple way to win (if you don't mind losing out on the bonus objectives). Simply train enough engineers to capture every building you need and then use planning mode to end the mission with a single order.
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User Info: Kalika001

8 years ago#3
That's what I did! Finished the level in <5min.

User Info: RichPlaystation

8 years ago#4
I use the same plan as TheCyberlink2000 uses, but don't take over one of the Scrin Drone Ships. Then make some tanks and try to rush the GDI bases, defend and create more tanks, then attack and take over the Scrin bases one after the other.

It is difficult though I agree! I think, on hard, if you want all the objectives, it's the most difficult of all the GDI missions.
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User Info: ponic3

8 years ago#5
(it's a Nod mission :P)

I did that, but the first time I played I took over all of the GDI buildings at once, the Scrin won't shoot at you unless you shoot first, so I made an army and took the Scrin bases one at a time...just another strategy if you want to try to get the bonus objectives

User Info: RichPlaystation

8 years ago#6
Yeah it is a NOD mission, one where you can't build NOD vehicles, plus, I use GDI vehicles after taking over the GDI buildings to fight against Scrin and to protect the needed GDI buildings.

So :P Back at you!
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In the name of Kane.

User Info: ryanz774

8 years ago#7


Anyways I tried the capture all buildings strategy and it took me like 10 tries on hard you need to have cat like reflexes and move for one saboteur to another, and sometimes you have to plan which order you capture the buildings in it took me 5-7 goes to figure out the best capture plan.

As for the bonus objectives you can just complete the bonus objective on easy and then complete the mission without the bonus objective on hard but your mission complete badge will look like you have all bonus objectives done.

Kind of cheating yes I know but they are bonus objectives and they aren't compulsory.


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User Info: RichPlaystation

8 years ago#8
"you need to have cat like reflexes and move for one saboteur to another"

Why is that? This is what planing mode is for, you can set up a Saboteur near each building, then 'plan mode' them all to capture, then order them all at once.
Brotherhood. Peace. Unity.
In the name of Kane.

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