Vita Compatible?

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User Info: mauiman240

5 years ago#1
Does anyone know if this is backward compatible on the Vita? I know it's not on Sony's official list, but several games have been tested and work that are not on the list. I'm getting a Vita next week, so I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

User Info: jeffro864

5 years ago#2
Yeah it works fine. Downloaded it on PS3 and copied it to the Vita a few minutes ago. No way at the moment to map the camera controls (L & R) to the right stick. Otherwise it's great. Looks really nice. I forgot how good it looked.

User Info: mauiman240

5 years ago#3
Awesome, glad to hear this works. I have Modnation, LBP, and Twisted Metal as well. None of them are on the list, but I'm hoping they work anyway.

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