how to get banned

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User Info: Shadow742007

8 years ago#1
if possible how do i get banned permenantly---
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Shadow's GT: Shadow742007

User Info: gamegene9060

8 years ago#2
i think u can only get banned for a day or 2
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User Info: I_DO_THINGS

8 years ago#3
I got banned for a week for having a colorful clan tag.....oh and i was booting people out of rooms.
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User Info: _Bak1_

8 years ago#4
I have been perma banned. D^mn kid hackers and their obnoxious cfw.

Socom creators dont care they give you a call number that end with talking to a machine.
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User Info: 1bigsmoke55

8 years ago#5

i got perma banned. my old name was mushroomherb

User Info: meuesenex

8 years ago#6
i haven't been permanentally banned but yea that stupid 2 day ban makes me so mad
-ROBOT- aka [LIFE] RoBoT aka Menusex aka RoBo_ReVerb
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User Info: chucklehofft

8 years ago#7
i just got banned for a week for absolutely no reason. must be a hack.
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