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User Info: hugaddict

5 years ago#1
Holy, this board was dead for so long didn't expect any new posts.

The main character is King Leonidas. Based on the actual King back then, but the movie and game aren't historically accurate.

This game has tremendous replay value I agree. I've only beaten it roughly 12 times. Random guess. Moved on to other games however.

It's been too long so I don't remember the exact order of the last boss' attacks. But circle around him counter clockwise. Sometimes you can roll in a big circle around him for a faster dodge, or just to kill repetitiveness. This is to avoid his attacks. If you circle the wrong way it gives him a much higher chance to hit you. Wait until he misses, then do whichever combo you choose. I prefer the double swords. There are some effective combos to take his health down. Repeat until victorious.

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