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User Info: hoogafanter

9 years ago#1
post your best combo! I'll start since I'm a novice and i'm sure mine will be the weakest. be detailed in your description because it's more fun to read and practice. and make up your own name for it too!

Kid Buu: Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp Combo...

start with your up+l2+triangle special B2 attack. It's a combo that will eventually send the opponent flying upward while you stand on the ground. as soon as you're able, press X to chase...

do the normal squarex5 combo, then press X to step in and press square two or three times before pressing up+triangle.

press x again for a quick chase, press square two or three times before pressing down+trangle to sweep, then press triangle, triangle, square to do the cool transporting beat-the-crap-attack.

I love this combo!!! It does an average of 30-35 hits(you can vary the last part with dragon smashes and homings, as well as be more accurate in you square presses for more hits). It seems to do an average of 30,000 damage, taking about half the life of the average character.

Now please, teach me something! I have no human competition so i might as well learn as much as I can :(
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User Info: ZeroAnnihilated

9 years ago#2

I have a question about a particular detail of your combo. After you press Up+Triange and follow with X, the following combo includes a Down+Tirangle(Sweep)... How is this possible? When you follow Up+Triangle with X and begin the next combo, it can only be ended with a regular Square (sends them tumbling into the distance) or Triange(knocks them lost and towards the ground.) Still... impressive. As far as Kid Buu is concerned I would recommend tying two Rushes together:

L2+Up+Triange... X... Square(5)... X... Square(3)... charge square(left/right/straight)... L2+Up+Triange... X... Square(3)... Up+Triange... Square(4)... Triange. (note: If you try to follow with X after the second rush, the following combo will be a solo combo set. You can't step in afterwards.) If done correctly and the opponent hits the ground, this combo should put out about 47 hits and 33880 damage.

Personally, my favorite combo so far is with SSJ4 Vegeta. The defenses to this combo are the "step in" or high speed movement and to some extent... a counter. Most attacks have some way to defend but if you can pull this off, it's quite demoralizing.

SSJ4 Vegeta: Saiyan Shake and Bake

Start out with getting the opponents back. This can be acheived by a mix of the Ground and Pound and high speed movement left and right. Once the opponent has exposed his/her back, the combo begins.

Square(5)... X... Square(4)... Down+Triangle... Square(3)... Charge Square(left/right/straight)... X... Square(left/right/straight/up)... Triangle(left/right/straight)... L2+Up+Triangle... X(must wait until out of "step in" range)... Square... Ground and Pound for about 3 cycles(CPU thinks this is your last combo set)... Up+O(during G&P starts you back in first combo set)... Telattack once... Square(3)... Up+Triangle... X... Square (4)... Triangle... Triangle(3)... L2+Triangle.

The hit counter starts over a couple of times in this combo due to the telattack.

Now... SSJ4 Vegeta has a unique quality about him that allows him to link as many Rushes into his combo as he'd like. But this also will not show up on the hit counter. Try a simple rush... then X... Then Ground and Pound to get the power bar on the bottom right of the screen blinking... Charge Square(left/right/straight)... rush again... repeat.

User Info: hoogafanter

9 years ago#3
Yes, you can sweep after you up+triangle. Works everytime! Try it out yourself!
I was considering using the two rush attacks in the combo but honestly that's cheap. If I added more specials into the combo, it'd ruin it's ability to impress. Granted, I could prolly get the hit counter up to like 60 if I tried.

As far as your combo goes, looks pretty cool! I'd try it myself but to be honest I hate SS4, so I never use those characters. Also, if it's resetting the hit counter than it deosn't really count as a combo...

Thanks for the post now let's get some more! I'ma go play tonight or tommorow prolly(I don't get to play when I want :( laaame) and I'll come up with another one. I'ma practice with Krillin prolly although he deosn't have much combo potential. Maybe Tapion 'cause he's the ****ing man!
Hold on to what if...
pokemon pearl 0903 2531 1696

User Info: ZeroAnnihilated

9 years ago#4

Krillin's combo potential is awesome as long as you don't take his B2's into account. His melee attacks flow together so nicely it's crazy. However, as nice as they flow... his melee attacks don't take off hardly any damage. Soooo... eh.

How can you not use SSJ4 Goku/Vegeta? As long as there is a counterpart to the other, they are fair game. I can understand banning SSJ4 Gojeta because he's ridiculous but these guys are fine. If Kid Buu can be used... so can they.

User Info: edubs

9 years ago#5
just charge up and get full power then just keep hitting squre, I got a combo of 56 because you don't stop and hit the guy away you keep him close and don't give them much chance for blocking
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User Info: ZeroAnnihilated

9 years ago#6
who do you use? Using that strategy with the right person can get you a combo of 99. Check out youtube.

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