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User Info: Tansut

7 years ago#1
So I quit playing this game a few years ago after being unable to beat 10-5. I decided to finally go back at it this morning, and after around 3 hours playing I'm no closer to beating this ridiculous excuse for a stage. I've never had one stage make me hate an entire game so much, but it's seriously broken compared to everything else if you ask me.

I think I have a shot of beating it if I could ever get to the second set of platforms with any regularity, but getting over the first set of jumps takes a good 20+ tries before ever getting that shot. In my three hours of playing this morning I probably only made it to the second platform area about twelve times.

What in the crap am I doing wrong? I'm using YanYan because of her jump, but even after I get to the second set of platforms I always go flying off course when I hit the last platform.

Any help is appreciated and Youtube doesn't help because most videos are of speedruns which are useless to a scrub like me.

User Info: GauRocks

7 years ago#2
I haven't managed that level either, but I can offer my advice on what to do when you just can't beat a level.

Try switching monkeys. Sometimes, the different jumping physics or ball size are exactly what you needed to look at a level from a better (and more successful) angle. When I get back to attempting 10-5, I think I'll try Doctor for a change of pace.
- adv. Apparently.

User Info: Tansut

7 years ago#3
I forgot to respond in this thread when it happened about two weeks ago, but I finally did it! Thanks to the help of MilesSMB's videos on Youtube I was able to form some sort of approach of how to get past that second set of platforms.

So to those still trying to do it, I highly recommend watching his videos. The angles he approaches things at and everything will definitely get you on the right track.

Good luck to those still struggling with this nightmare of a stage!

See you all in Step & Roll!

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