BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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User Info: tcchip82

10 years ago#11
True, but at least other capital ships can actually HIT fighters and bombers with their turbolaser batteries, at least with a few lucky strikes. For some reason, the SSD can't seem to do nuts against fighter/bombers, and my surviving squadrons of Skiprays just tore up the SSD a heck lot better than my battleships.

User Info: DillBert

10 years ago#12
I'm Sticky

User Info: AdmiralRatchet

10 years ago#13

woooh! bump....

btw, while the executor is slow, and vulnerable to bombers, it is powerful enough to take care of a level 3 space station faster than other things can destroy the executor, although it is mad slow it has about the largest target radius in the game. The executor is all you need for optimum intel.

User Info: tcchip82

10 years ago#14
No doubt about that. The SSD with its fighter escorts can engage an entire Rebel fleet and still hope to win, although being able to boost shields on Rebel cap ships dramatically increases their survival rate. Just that once it loses the TIE figher/bomber escorts, a squad of bombers will have a field day tearing out the SSD bit by bit. Hell, dropping in 4 squads of Skiprays work far better than sending in 4 Kedalbe battlecruisers.

Speaking of the Kedalbe, it's remarkably tough, quite possibly the toughest non-hero capital ship in the game. I know for sure a Mon Calamari Cruiser or ISD can't hope to beat it 1v1 in a slugfest, not with its ability to leech shields.

User Info: camelmeat

10 years ago#15
"Quantity has a Quality all of its own"

User Info: Lds_Ricky

10 years ago#16
The Super Star Destroyer is amazing, but too bad my lap top can not play this game on high settings for I would have loved to see this game at it's maximum settings....

User Info: tcchip82

10 years ago#17

Must...keep...topic...alive, even if some joker will start a new thread asking the same thing soon enough. Wish there was a magic red button to wipe off those posts in real life.

User Info: cjmcscratchy

10 years ago#18
Is anyone having any problems running EatW on Vista?? Just wondering before I install...THX!
i can drown a drink of water and kill a dead tree, just wait till you see cjmcscratchy...

User Info: Doublewinner

10 years ago#19

User Info: mutant_vermin

10 years ago#20
The executor is actually better at engaging smaller strike craft than other big ships, due to the sheer volume of weapons fire it can throw out. But yes, small ships are your best bet in taking that sucka down.
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  3. BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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