BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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User Info: Ducati996R

10 years ago#121
Are you blind as a bat or did you not go to the web page on the Executor? Where it explicitly says Super c l a s s Star Destroyer. By the way I will also scan and put up the page from The Imperial Sourcebook and Star Wars Technical Journal which I have both of. Not only do I have as proof but books as well which do have the expanded universe in them.

User Info: Ducati996R

10 years ago#122
This is hilarious. Watch I'll even look up stuff on the expanded universe like Admiral Daala's SSD the Knight Hammer and it'll still say Super- c l a s s
Lol, omg here's some more from it's pretty black and white:

The Executor was the first of a new generation of immense warships, a Super-****Star Destroyer. Constructed in secret at the starship yards of Fondor, the Executor was a crowning achievement for both the Imperial Navy and Kuat Drive Yards. During the construction phase of its existence, the whole operation was under the command of Admiral Griff.

The Executor's maiden voyage was both a military mission and a political one. It was a demonstration to the Rebellion and the galaxy that the Alliance's success over the Death Star was pure chance. This new weapon, of which there would be many, would be unstoppable. Once leaving dry-dock at Fondor, the Executor destroyed the Rebel outpost at Laakteen Depot.

The warship then set forth to Yavin 4, where the Rebels were in the midst of a rushed evacuation. The use of rare power gems allowed several Rebel ships to penetrate the Executor's shields and momentarily cripple the craft. During the mass exodus of Yavin to Hoth, Admiral Griff miscalculated his task force's hyperspace jump, bringing the three Destroyers out on top of the Executor. The angle and shielding was sufficient to protect the Super Star Destroyer, but the other three vessels were annihilated.

The surface of the Executor was dotted with all sorts of weaponry. Its front arc was covered by 200 heavy and light turbolaser batteries, 50 concussion missile launchers, 100 ion cannons, and 20 tractor beam projectors. Its side arcs each boasted coverage by 75 light turbolaser batteries and 50 heavy turbolaser batteries, as well as 75 missile tubes, 50 ion cannons and 10 tractor beam projectors. The rear arc, traditionally the least defended area of a vessel, had an impressive weapons array of 50 heavy turbolaser batteries, 50 missile tubes, and 50 ion cannons.

User Info: OmegaTyrant

10 years ago#123

You do know thast the 'Executor Super Star Destroyer' class actually was approved by Lucasarts? Or are you merely cherry-picking evidence?

My OT Incredible Cross Section book, which is canon as it pertains to the movies, states 'Executor Star Dreadnought'. In order for such a thing to be in a SW booklet, it must be approved by Lucasarts. It was, therefore, you have no arguement henceforth. Now, I know you'll troll, and comes back with lolz lolz, which by the way is one of the most minimalist SW sites, statesthat the Executor has200- 250 Turbolasers and Ion cannons, no?

That has been retconned by Lucasarts, wheather you deny it or not. The OT ICS states that the Executor Star Dreadnought is 19 Kilometres in lentgh, and has over 5000 total weapon enplacements, incliding Turbolasers and Ion Cannons, plus other weapon batteries.

And the ICS is very high in the canon hiarchy, as it directly pertains to the movies. Yours pertains to a minimalist website, and a EU novel. Mine pertains to a booklet that goes with the very movies them selves, and was made with the full consent and approval of George Lucas himself, literaly for the movies.

In other news, such as to you, Geroge Lucas' word is final, there fore, the Executor is the first ship of her class, there, Executor Star Dreadnought. You can email him yourself

User Info: RagnarokGX

10 years ago#124

i'll just post this here so no one else asks for a SSD mod:;80742

add's SSD's for ever fraction

has a working Eclipse that can actually FIRE weapons other than it's super laser

Rebels get the new Luskanya hero that you can actually make multiples of, (Ex. having 10 Luskanyas)

Consortium gets a Mando SSD which is basically the executor with Mass Drivers instead of Ion Cannons

many more SSD's given but those are the main 3
The below statement is true.
The above statement is false.

User Info: 12534554

10 years ago#125
also, the ssd mod adds a unreachable super star destroyer in the style of the executer, and the unreachables hardpoints are indestructble 2 every single sort of weapon (including proton torpedoes) that is, every single weapon is useless againsty the unreachable except the zann consortiums mass driver cannons which still do little dammage

User Info: RagnarokGX

10 years ago#126
oh, and the AI doesn't know what to do with the SSD's >_>

so they won't build em
The below statement is true.
The above statement is false.

User Info: Ducati996R

10 years ago#127 is minimalist?? it's freaking By the way you're the one cherrypicking evidence because that's all you can do... all you have is like one or two sources of evidence whereas I have everything from technical books to novels, to the actual games. Like when you mouse over the Exector in FoC it says C l a s s: Super Star Destroyer try it sometime. And you have some book and one site, one site that some fan came up with. Lucasfilm would never come up with something so gay as some star dreadlock.

User Info: Gastroid

10 years ago#128
I have to, just to make certain:

Now, what trend do you see? The first ship of its kind is also the name of the class. Now, look at this...

The name "Super-class Star Destroyer" was invented by Imperial Navy officials and used in its budget requests to the Imperial Senate during the design and construction phase of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought.

This ruse was made to hide the true nature of the class, even going so far as to understate its size and armament, so that oversight committees would not discover its true role.

By the time the first vessel, Executor, was operational, the official designation had been changed to its original intention, but the colloquial phrase "Super Star Destroyer", based on the earlier name, had stuck in people's minds and was even applied to later models like the Sovereign-class and Eclipse-class.

Oh? Proof that the Super Star Destroyer name was a codename, later used as a nickname for the massive ships. The [i]Executor[/i] is a ship in its own class, not the Super-class.
Call me Xan... seriously. Call me Xan.

User Info: OmegaTyrant

10 years ago#129
Ah, but Gastroid, didn't you know?!?!?!?

Those articles were in fact written by housewives!

Hell, Wizards of the Coast has the Super-c l a s s bull debunked. :http://wizards%20of%20the%20coast/

I was mistaken. After consulting a fellow warsie, he corrected me and told that the Executor-/Super c l a s s, he pointed out that the Executor-c l a s s Star Dreadnought is actually in the SW ITW- Inside the Worlds by James Luceno, not the ICS. This arguement has been over for several years now, and this is reflected in the article i've linked the url to.

Further more, the Executor-c l a s s having a mere 1000 gun mounts or there about would make a warship it's size- 19 kilometres, or 11-12 miles- would make it a hilariously undergunned warship, being only worth a handful of Imperators(Early name for the Imperial c l a s s. The Executor-c l a s s, from what i'm told, has five-thousand *HEAVY* gun mounts, not just 5000 total.

Also, is old, sloppy, and is hardly ever updated. It should be known that if someone goes there, they're not getting the latest info.

User Info: OmegaTyrant

10 years ago#130
As for my fine friend Ducati...GameSpot Account - Only GameFAQs user profiles can be fully viewed on GameFAQs.

I truely hate it when GSer are chracterized completely as morons with dumb arguements. (Although for what it's worth, actually, this should be my GFAQer account)

So, Ducati... concession accepted.
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