BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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User Info: Gastroid

9 years ago#131
Also, is old, sloppy, and is hardly ever updated. It should be known that if someone goes there, they're not getting the latest info.

The Star Wars Databank is canon, whether you like it or not. The only thing that overrules it is George Lucas himself. EVERYTHING IN THE DATABANK IS CANON. Wookieepedia is ambiguously canon, but if you bother to read the discussion boards, you will see how up to date it is.

To add to that, you posted a dead link that I doubt has the same level of canon as Star's Databank. My guess if that your broken link is S-Canon, at most.
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User Info: OmegaTyrant

9 years ago#132
Oh, i'll acknowlege that the databank IS canon. Just outdated, really.

User Info: Gastroid

9 years ago#133
Besides, the link you posted (I read it already elsewhere) is a very heated debate topic. It never mentions that the Super-class doesn't exist. It only hints at it, which can easily be turned around to the point where it supports the Super-class.
Call me Xan... seriously. Call me Xan.

User Info: ambrosia2431

9 years ago#134
The argument that the Imperial Navy needed to hide the real function of the Executor from the Imperial Senate is pretty weak. If the Emperor was able to tell the whole Senate to pack their bags and go seek other employment, then they probably weren't in any position to block anything that the Emperor wanted to do. Besides, the funding for the first Death Star had to come from somewhere. I doubt the Emperor had to cover up such budget items as "planet destroying laser" by saying that a moon sized station was going to merely deliver ice cream to the children of the galaxy.

To get down to the source of things, the size of the Executor got screwed up in the beginning until somebody decided to use up a portion of their life to actually see how big the thing was in the movie. Finding out that it was 19 km, the Force was rocked by millions of SW geeks yelling "ZOMG TEH CANON CAINT B RONG". Enter somebody with a cover story to band-aid over the goofup and Star Wars fans were finally able to get on with their lives. The same thing is what happened with the whole "Imperial/Imperator" class debacle. I don't see Lucas personally giving his opinion on this matter and even if Wookiepedia is accepted by Lucasarts, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of the information or opinions are (one could easily add that Jar Jar played a mean cowbell). EU has been thrown out in the past, it can be thrown out in the future.

Besides, didn't Lucas say something to the regards of "The movies were my universe, EU is in its own universe"? Wouldn't that imply that EU sources cannot be used to draw conclusions on movie material? Heck, how do we even know the Empire named the class of their ships after the first of the line (like the Acclamator class)?

Besides, I have real issues with the whole Star Dreadnought nomenclature. That would imply that the term Star Destroyer means that any ship under this term acted in a fleet as a destroyer. All Star Destroyers, from the Venator to the Imperial, have acted as the main force of whatever fleets they serve (escorting the Executor is the exception to the rule). Destroyers are not meant to act as the main force of a major fleet, they are meant to act in a supporting role. Looking at the role that Star Destroyers play in the hierarchy of battle, common sense would say that the term Star Destroyer is meant to evoke power (to destroy a star) not to denote function. That means that the term Star Dreadnought doesn't make a lick of sense in comparison (to dreadnought a star?). The term command cruiser or *gasp* super star destroyer would be more in line with describing the Executor (not surprisingly Ackbar describes the Executor as such).

User Info: OmegaTyrant

9 years ago#135
Good points from both of you, although this redered moot anyway by TESB, as far as size goes. In this scene:

We clearly see that the Executor uttely dwarfs the Imperator's in size and legth. At the beginning of this scene: when the Executor and the rest of Death Squadran attacks the Hoth system, We see that an Imperator isn't much larger than one of Exec's engine blocks(The engine clusters). If Exec was truely 8 klicks long, than it would definately not look anything nearly as enormus as it does next to the Imperators/Imperial Star Destroyers.

User Info: OmegaTyrant

9 years ago#136
Oh Ducati, come out and plaaayyy.

Or has he run away crying like a little girl?

User Info: SonicHuntr

9 years ago#137

User Info: metalmario182

9 years ago#138
the eclipse looks like a giant paper airplane

User Info: Bloodly

9 years ago#139

The Eclipse is also in the screenshots onth back of the box.(The 'horn' of it is unmistakable.)

Now I'm really wondering why it was dropped.
"I'm a Paladin. Preying on the weakminded is what I do."-Sashanan.

User Info: HarderIsBetter

9 years ago#140
How can you or anyone know everything there is to know about something that isn't real? Its a fictional story and every ship, ISD SSD, etc, etc aren't real. Therefore it can be as big, as powerful, as small, or as weak as you imagine it. No website, book, or person (namely George Lucas) can force you to believe its anything if that. This is why I hate nerds, everything that means nothing must be correct.
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