BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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User Info: Ducati996R

9 years ago#141
So from I've been reading this Executor Star Dreadnaught came about when someone tried to figure out the real size of the Executor on screen? With a ruler to the screen? Kind of like when they found out the size of the AT-ATs by comparing them to Luke Skywalker on that grappling hook going up. So why would they try to change the name of the c l a s s from what Lucas originally called it?
Ah ha ha this is like when they gave Boba Fett a whole back story, Jaster Mereel way before Episode 2 and then all that went for nothing when Jango Fett showed up, lol. Why even bother to screw around with something already in place, maybe Boba Fett's back story was never really discussed by Lucas but I know he called it a Super Star Destroyer because that's one of Admiral Ackbar's lines.

User Info: Ducati996R

9 years ago#142
On another note,I have seen a lot of Eclipse andSSD mods posted on here, when I look them up some of them give SSD to all sides (Rebellion). Some of them give you the Eclipse but no hardpoints/weapon emplacements etc. just superlaser. For the love of god are there any normal mods that put the Eclipse in the game as it would have been: to be bought and builtas the EMPIRE and include hardpoints with that superlaser.
Lucasarts should have put it in Conquest, balanced or not, they already put in the Death Star and Executor.
If they make anymore Empire at War games they should make them more like the movies, like the AT-Ats can shoot down the snowspeeders actually like in Empire Strikes Back and you can build more than one SSD as the Empire. And AT-STs are supposed to have an automatic grenade launcher on the right side along with the lasers on the front, basically meaning that the way the Empire was in the movies they would have wamped on the Rebellion to no end. That's funny, Lucasarts tries to make it all balanced when really in the movies it wasn't at all. Maybe with the Seperatists and the Republic it was balanced but no way with the Empire and Rebellion. I've played games like Medieval 2 Total War and at least they have the sense to realize that medieval england was smaller than medieval germany and they make it so, unbalanced but realistic and no one whines because some people like a challenge and play as the harder faction. Not for Lucasarts I guess, no Eclipse...., bad Eclipse... and you can only build one SSD.

What really peeves me the most is that infantry can take 5-10 rockets or 20 blaster hits. Is it so hard to take what you see in a movie and put it in a game? For once at least, for once. They should get the guys that made World in Conflict or Medieval 2 Total War to make the next Empire at War.

User Info: 12534554

9 years ago#143
yes, there is on filefront. go on the empire at war files and go down. it's "forcestorm x's ssd mod v2" and this is 2 u asking if there was a mod that put hardpoints on the eclipse

User Info: haunumchya

9 years ago#144
does any know how to make custom maps?

User Info: Akmot1

9 years ago#145

User Info: Doodilyboops24

9 years ago#146
how good is the eclispe oagainst small ships/fighters/bombers?

User Info: RagnarokGX

9 years ago#147
all destroyers, are TERRIBLE at stopping snubs >_>

The below statement is true.
The above statement is false.

User Info: Invadious

9 years ago#148

My mod, that is also here on Game Spot has an Eclipse with 1000 weapons and The Vengeance (Smaller version of the Executor but has the same strength) with 5000 weapons. Link:;title;1

User Info: geno_16

9 years ago#149
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Soniczero1993

9 years ago#150
Why does the blasted mod always after playing says execption then my game turns off?
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