Original Disc? What Disc?

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User Info: RiceMan93

6 years ago#1
Alright, so I just picked this game up for about $10 as the "Gold Pack." It's a single CD that contains both Vanilla and Forces of Corruption.

Installation goes smoothly, I decide to fire up the game.

"Wrong Disc.
Please insert the Original CD/DVD."

Re-inserted the disc. Same message.
Restarted. Same message.
Uninstalled FoC. Same message.

Any hints as to what I should do?
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User Info: geno_16

6 years ago#2
Upon a quick google search I've discovered that the problem could be that you are running some sort of emulation software, which this game's copy protection is incompatible with. If you are running any emulation software, you'll have to disable it.

User Info: Apv301

6 years ago#3

Hello, please ignore the above post. While it is correct normally, I know for a fact, in this case, it is not an issue of piracy, or likely at least.

Cosmi released ALOT of corrupted game disc's awhile ago, you mentioning it being $10 flags this as being the problem. I myself had this problem from a $10 disc I got at a Wal mart.

There IS a solution to this, however I cannot list it here.

Please go to http://www.lucasarts.com/support/

Via the tech support page, submit your problem and they should get back to you in a few days with the remedy.

Expect about a week of time before you can play, however it will work once it's done.

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