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User Info: HunteristheGame

9 years ago#1
I am curious what everyone else feels are the big Pros and Cons for this game. I realize everyone has different preferences so opinions will very but it will be good for everyone to see how everyone else views the game and what they can look forward to if they haven't bought it yet.

For me.....

Good graphics
Online Split Screen
Customize weapons
The "attitude" of the game the 2 main guys are cool
Hide and shoot (kinda like Rainbow Six Vegas)
Selection of weapons
Can drag and revive partner rather then just have him die and go it alone
(i'm sure there are more but that's it for now)

Lack of money (completed all objectives and found all bonuses and still couldn't afford many weapons by the time the game was done)
Short storymode (not terribly short but could have been a little longer)
Characters can't be customized much at all (just a few new masks and they aren't good)
Not many vehicles (would have liked more vehicle missions)
Online servers are very bad (lagging problems and disconnection problems)
Can't use your custom guys and weapons in online vs matches
Money from vs matches is simply a score and you don't get it to spend on more weapons.
(again i'm sure more will come up but that's all I got for now or can think of for now)

User Info: ahriman2

9 years ago#2

Bought, played, finished.....


Kick-arse graphics

Mostly intelligent ally A.I.

Funny jokes

Super bright, explosive, lethal fire fights

Agrro works great

No need to press a button of cover, that saved me 15% on my car isurance and a recious second of head popping action

You actually know where your grenade will land


Weird story

Clyde is freacking creepy

Stupid enemies

Very short

Stupid A.I when it comes to healing you

User Info: Parabola7oo1

9 years ago#3
Lack of money? You know it all carries over to the next play through... >_> you you keep stuff you have unlocked...
PSN: Parabola7001

User Info: oi_you_there

9 years ago#4
Online split screen? theres no online split screen is there????

looked long and hard for it last night, couldnt find it, only campaign.
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User Info: jacko_89

9 years ago#5
So this might be better to rent than to buy? I was thinking of buying it, but from what you guys are saying....what d'you reckon?

User Info: HunteristheGame

9 years ago#6
io_you_there , to get online split screen VS before you select to create a room or quick search press square. It is listed at the bottom to press square to set up split screen. It will then pop up a box saying split screen enable. Now when you start a VS match it will have your PSN listed twice, one in [ ] .

Jacko , from my experience with the game after having bought it and played through it on both recruit and now professional and having all stuff unlocked and upgraded, I would say rent it first. It will only cost you what $5 to rent and if you end up really liking it like some people here do then go ahead and buy it. But I would hate to see someone end up like me and buy it all hyped up and be let down by the online and the lack of replay value once eveything is unlock by the time you play it twice.

Just my opinions though, do what you like.

User Info: DirtyGerty

9 years ago#7
I never play a game more than once-short attention span-unless i get something for it like the 360 achievements, but its a renter for the PS3. The connections are lag-tastic, the graphics really aren't that great-only 720,not 1080-and i hate the way when an enemy gets close he seems to disappear. I do like the grittiness of the game and the dark atmosphere it brings. I'll be trading mine is soon, but i also never keep games. and do most of the games feel the same to anyone else? and blind-fire really isn't, its WAY to precise and the shotguns can practically be used as mid range weapons which is odd too

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