The Mercenaries 2 Glitch FAQ

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User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#1
Alright, as anyone with the ability to see and ownership of the game can tell you, this game is riddled with glitches and other little quirks. Which leads to hundreds of topics made about the same questions. Please take the time to look through this if you're experiencing a glitch, as chances are many others have had the same problem.

Achievement Unlocked: Lots of Them

No, you are definitely NOT the only one who has had this glitch happened. You play the game normally, when suddenly, you unlock multiple achievements that you didn't earn! We don't know what causes this and it's seemingly random as far as what you unlock. Please, please stop asking.

Winching Challenge: The Minimum Bet Exceeds $5 million

This is another common glitch, that seems to be attributed to people having over $100 million. Your minimum wager is over $5 million and increases steadily as you beat the Winch Challenge. I have not had this happen yet but it seems to be a glitch that CAN be repeated, so it's not random.

It's Raining Men! (Or Blanco)

This happens pretty often, strangely. You'll be cruising along when suddenly you hear "AHHHHHH" from the skies and Blanco crashes down into the sea in front of you! Have you contracted a case of ocean madness? Sailors call it aqua dementia, the deep-down crazies, the wet willies, the screaming moist! Fear not, brave mercenary, it's only a glitch. For whatever reason soldiers will be spawned in the air and fall to their untimely doom. This happens with Blanco when you go out to sea near the oil rig near the PMC. There's nothing special about it and nothing to be gained (sadly you can not obtain the Hunting Pistol this way), just move on like nothing happened.

Where is my Achievement?

As anyone who started the game can tell you, this game is bugged to the ends of the digital world! Many people are finding themselves unable to attain an achievement they so rightfully deserve. You are not alone. This is a glitch and will most likely be patched with the first real update. You might also find that you randomly and without cause unlock this achievement while playing later on. Again, the issue is most likely faulty game code.

Online doesn't work for me!

You and pretty much everyone else! Joining through quick game seems to be a lost cause. If you're really determined to play with someone, you're better off finding a friend or someone on GameFAQs that you can add to your friends list. Please, before you make a topic, search or just do a quick ctrl+f to see if anyone else is asking. That way you don't clutter up the board.

Spare Parts Collected (120/100)

Many people are finding themselves casually exploring the game when a box pops up informing them they have collected a Spare Part, when in fact they have done no such thing! This is another weird glitch that often occurs when you collect a spare part and something goes awry. We don't know why it happens.

More in the next post

User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#2
Phantom Vehicles

You have Ewan deliver you a vehicle, and as soon as it lands it disappears, vanishing into thin air! It's all an illusion, a facade! Ewan is a mastermind magician sworn to curse the lands of Venezuela with black magic! No, chances are you just ordered in a vehicle "too soon", i.e. before Ewan could finish doing some other task you asked him to handle. It's kind of weird and you lose the vehicle + the fuel it cost, but otherwise this glitch is harmless.

Instantaneous Supply Pickup

A nice little quirk, sometimes you'll tag some airstrikes or fuel to be picked up by Ewan, and as you run away from them you find yourself acquiring them without the job even being done! This is a recurring event, so if it actually IS a glitch with the game code it might be nice to make good use of it while you can. Simply tag what you want picked up, then call in Ewan and run away. If you're good, you can use this to steal from factions without being caught.

Listening Post Mission: Bad Coordinates?

A lot of people seem to have this problem. One of the first UP missions you have to complete is to travel around Maracaibo and call in listening posts. For whatever reason, you might be told that you've got "bad coordinates" and the post isn't delivered. Why? We don't know, it's a glitch. Rest assured, you aren't the only one.

Flashing Red Screen and Invincibility

A somewhat common issue, sometimes your health reaches near zero and then doesn't recover, and you're stuck with a fairly annoying pulsing red screen. You might also notice that you can't be hurt! A strange glitch indeed, so far the fixes seem to be either finding a way to die or loading a save.

Y Button Down!

There you are playing co-op when suddenly, out of nowhere, you or your partner can no longer can no longer use functions that require the Y Button, to a certain extent. Whatever the cause is (many have attributed it to lengthy playing time, though this isn't a definite cause), the only way to fix the issue is for the hosting player to quit and load the game again.

Does Ewan Really Have a Pilot's License?

You call in your old pal Ewan to pick up some resources when you notice your Irish friend getting stuck somewhere along the way. Usually it occurs after he has winched an object, and he'll just sit there without flying away. A surefire way to fix this is to run far enough away, and then you'll have your stockpile/fuel updated, along with Ewan back at the ready.

Character Change

A rather rare glitch (though it has been reported multiple times), you start your game to find you are no longer "you". That is, your character has changed! You SHOULD still have all your stuff, but you are no longer of the ethnic background you once were. Unfortunately, there seems to be no fix for this. But again, it's pretty rare.

Still more to come

User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#3
Co-Op Turret Not Working

Fairly uncommon and usually just takes a matter of getting in and out, sometimes while playing co-op your partner (or you) will find you can't "see" the ammunition you're firing from a turret or vehicle cannon. As stated earlier, this is usually fixed by getting in and out of the vehicle.

But I Destroyed That Building! It's Gone! You Have to Believe Me!

So here's this for a movie plot: The main character finds himself tasked with the objective of destroying a series of specified buildings for a multitude of factions. When suddenly, out of nowhere, he destroys a building only to find the faction telling him the building is still there and very much alive! Well strap yourselves in folks, this is REAL LIFE we're talking. Even though the building is reduced to rubble, the target reticule still surrounds it. What happened? You probably overlooked a small section of the building, make sure every last thing is leveled. If all else fails, C4 the building in some spots and it should fix itself. Or you could airstrike it if you've got money to throw away.

The HVT...He's Dead!

A common problem reported by people on here is that the HVT they left very much alive and subdued is dead when they return after leaving the area. Please note the faction with the HVT (or the HVT himself) could have killed him, though some are adamant in saying the HVT just dies for no reason. Regardless, there are some tough HVTs to take alive out there, so your best bet is to stay near the HVT you subdue until he's flying away in a chopper and you get your money.

These are all the REPORTED glitches I have come across and compiled. However I'm sure there are some issues I have left out or forgotten so please continue to read the posts for updates. If a mod could sticky this, I'm sure the board would appreciate it.

User Info: Cookieboy2003b

9 years ago#4
Requested sticky, nice work.
If you are reading this then I am at work :(

User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#5
I'd like to extend thanks to everyone who helped in this topic:

User Info: MPHhunter

9 years ago#6
Just requested a sticky. Good stuff.
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User Info: BenKS

9 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: BenKS

9 years ago#8
I've noticed a new one. Sometimes, for no particular reason, the zoom that occurs when you press LT to aim will just stop working completely. Scopes on sniper rifles and the binoculars will not zoom in anymore either. If you save and reload it'll fix itself, but still... It's just a really odd glitch.
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User Info: Marine197

9 years ago#9
I found a way to replicate the character switch glitch.
1 - Find a game that you try to join, but it gives you the error message.
2 - Try to join the game using the "Select Character" button.
3 - Choose the character you want to become.
4 - Try to join, fail.
5 - Continue game OR Join a game using latest save successfully.
6 - You are now the character you chose with all your stuff.

User Info: violentdissmay

9 years ago#10
Have you contracted a case of ocean madness? Sailors call it aqua dementia, the deep-down crazies, the wet willies, the screaming moist!

Win for Futurama reference
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?....It was dead.
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