The Mercenaries 2 Glitch FAQ

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User Info: PhilR1

8 years ago#11
Good topic.

I was one of the first to post about the achievement glitch and when others posted in the topic they all said the achievement glitch happened in exactly the same place. When you complete the story mission where you use the bunkerbuster and go back to the PMC to capture/kill Carmona, you get a number of achievements when you next speak to Fiona about introducing you to the AN and Chinese. I got 11 achievements for a total of 370 points and alot of other people got a similar amount.

Another glitch I had which hasn't been mentioned here is the playing time glitch. When you load up Mercs 2 and choose a game save in options it will tell you how long you have been playing the game for. My playing time jumped from 15 hours to over 90 after that story mission I've just mentioned.

This hasn't happened to me yet but I've heard some people mention that the VZ stop shooting at you.Not sure how this happens or if it's a common glitch but worth mentioning here.

Oswalda, if you want me to post what achievements I unlocked for no apparent reason, let me know and I can do that.
Sticky this.

User Info: SoulPursuer1

8 years ago#13

Ok i have another glitch I have 100% complete in the game but i have only 49/51 contracts completed and no justice for all achievement because...

I had killed the HVT and was taking his picture and died while the pic was being taken the HVT was counted (i have 55/55 HVTs done) but the mission was not counted on my progess chart. probs because it sent me back to the villa before it got a chance to resiter it.

It really annoyed me because now I have to make another account for the justice for all achievement. But i still need the Aces high one. Does anyone know if i can stack these two(aces and Justice) because i dont want to go catch another 55 HVTs and only get one achievement.

User Info: Odwolda

8 years ago#14
Nope, you'll get both, just make sure you verify or capture all of them.

User Info: SP4RT4N_119

8 years ago#15
****, My Gun Jammed (I don't know how to make bold text)

Sometime's when my gun is fully loaded, the gun willl refuse to fire, in fact, it seems like the RT button temporarily loses all functionality. Usually, this glitch fixes itself after a few seconds. This is often couple with loss of RB, LB, and LT functionality.

User Info: Iamsuperguppy

8 years ago#16
I think I have more information for the "Spare Parts Collected (120/100)" glitch. Yesterday I decided to go spare part hunting for what I still needed. I had already collected like 35-40 spare parts over the course of the game, but I didn't remember where those were. So, I printed the map with the spare part locations. I was flying around to all the locations (from the map) and after a little while I noticed that everytime I flew over an area close to a spare part I had already gotten, the game automatically gave me another spare part, without actually getting it.

So, basically, the glitch gives you a spare part everytime you pass a place where a spare part used to be.
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User Info: Odwolda

8 years ago#17

User Info: QWERTY_369

8 years ago#18
Wonderful thread. Sticky requested.
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User Info: Raven138

8 years ago#19
Yesterday, I got a glitch where 3 of the buildings I had destroyed, refused to be recognized as destroyed. The buildings, all that were left of them were rubble, but the blue crosshair still lingered above them. I even made sure there was nothing left to blow up by repeatedly carpet bombing the area, dropping artillery strikes, yet the game refused to recognize the buildings as being destroyed. I had to re-load the game from an earlier save and destroy them again.

Also, another glitch I have noticed, this goes with the people who all said their weapons wouldn't fire - sometimes it wont even let me switch weapons, like I will press LB or even right on the d-pad, and it will not switch weapons at all. Same goes for switching from grenades to c-4, and vice versa, sometimes it will not switch at all. - Another related glitch is that sometimes hitting left trigger will fire a gun, instead of aiming. I have done this several times while holding RPG's and trying to go to aim at a vehicle or building, but instead, the RPG prematurely fires a rocket off, wasting my ammo. And I am for sure that I did not hit the fire button.

Oh, one last thing, this is kind of a big glitch, I called in an Anaconda while standing on a pirate helicopter landing pad, I walk up to it, press Y to enter, and the thing dissapears! Just straight up gone! It appeared to sink into the landing pad and was gone in half a second. This one really pissed me off too, those anaconda's aint cheap.
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User Info: Raven138

8 years ago#20
oops, meant RB for weapon switching ^
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