The Mercenaries 2 Glitch FAQ

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User Info: Onaga367

8 years ago#121
idk if this is just me or not but iv had a problem with 2 weapons the covert smg and the Russian sniper rifle , when equipped i hold them as if im holding a pistol anyone else had this?

User Info: zestysquirrl

8 years ago#122
i was playing with my gf's dad and we were doin the rum runner mission for the pirates
& the no one would shoot at us exept for anyone with explosives but the turrets/ people with guns wouldnt shoot back even if they called for backup
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User Info: Xx_Kolchak_xX

8 years ago#123
I'm having a strange glitch occurring after I've blown up the island fortress for the PLAV. At the UP fuel depot right next to their southernmost base, there are usually industrial cranes, cargo crate movers, and other large machinery, big enough to climb. There's 4 Rocket Artillery loads scattered around the area, and many fuel tanks you can steal. But after this mission, all of the cranes are gone, and many of the fuel tanks have dissapeared. Is this normal, did I miss the part where I blew those up or something? I'm guessing it's a glitch, but if anyone knows, I'd appreciate the help.
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User Info: General_Bitter

8 years ago#124
I had an awesome glitch. I was riding a motorcycle near the oil company HQ and slammed into a building. I glitched into the building, and was flung up through the building and landed on top like nothing happened. only thing I could do was jump down. Still hilarious to watch, though
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User Info: kx6593

8 years ago#125
The only people who will shoot at me are people with explosives.... is there any way to fix this?

User Info: CasperJames

8 years ago#126
Falling into mysterious lakes that appear from nowhere. Drive down a highway and fall into a lake that isn't really there. Walk out of your base and fall into a lake that isn't there.
I think have an audio glitch, whenever I tag stuff to be stolen, Chris always says"Hey Ewan how would you like to make a quick buck?"Then stops there after, he continues repeating this several times on numerous occasions when I tag stuff..whats supposed to continue? Is there a way to fix this? It gets annoying after a while.
I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if it's happened to anyone else, but it's very nice. I'm playing the "mainland Outpost" mission for the Pirates and I've destroyed everything on the island. Before I call in the Pirates to come take over the building, I go around and capture all the airstrikes on the island. When I get back to the base, all the airstrikes I collected had re-appeared. So I went and collected them again, and they were all back when i got back around. So far, I've done this about 20 times, and they still come back every time. I've watched Ewan carry each of them off, and they still come back. But they're not always the same, sometimes they change. I've seen cluster bombs, bombing runs, artillery strikes, and tank busters.
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User Info: Croadon

8 years ago#129
to : skipatrolslayer, that is not a glitch all it is that the supplies respawn when you leave their general area but it is very useful though.

User Info: Croadon

8 years ago#130
For some strange reason vehicles will randomly spawn outside the pmc on me, the strange thing is that they were ones i had either stolen or had dropped on the field during the game
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