The Mercenaries 2 Glitch FAQ

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8 years ago#141
Please can somebody help me?
i was collecting spare parts to get the scorcher and on my profile it says that i have 54 spare parts and as i'm sure you'll now you only need 50 spare parts for it but i don't have it and when i try to see if it is in the mechanics shop it says that it is still restricted, please can somebody help me and if you know how to sort this thing out?

User Info: KesinX

8 years ago#142
One possibility for the fuel problem is that one of your fuel storage silos was destroyed. When you buy those upgrades they are represented by silos at the PMC which can be destroyed.

User Info: Eolon

8 years ago#143
i haven't read throught this whole thread, so i dont know if anyones said this but:

Sometimes when im just running/driving around i just get more spare parts even if i werent looking, not that im complaining in getting more spare parts but...

User Info: lukez70

8 years ago#144
any one else got the "air-rifle" glitch were u hold every single weapon like a mg(its also extremly anoying)

User Info: BigVelvet

8 years ago#145
I have had a glitch happen to me since i got this game.when i'm playing and i need to sprint and it won't let me. my controler isn't broken so idk, and when i tag something and ewan picks it up, he gets randomly damaged and get this i get money for it so this is good

User Info: ltfathead

8 years ago#146
If you get out of a car and remember where u left it, after a while it will have 100 health again and if it has a gun, max ammo. This is useful for getaway vehicles for HVT's

User Info: ltfathead

8 years ago#147
I experienced a new glitch. i was on a killing spree against the allied nations, and when i blew up one of their cars with a fuel to air rpg, the car was still there, but you couldnt see it. i tried c4, and it stuck, but had no effect on the roadblock. other cars could not go through it either


8 years ago#148
I have encountered several glitches while playing:
- if i get right next to enemy vehicles or buildings that spawn troops, my gun wont fire
- if i subdue an hvt and walk away or enter a building, they die
- when i walked up to blanco i pressed 'B' to smack him and i ended up kicking him several hundred feet in the air then he fell and died
- after subduing selano, i put him in an iguana and started driving, i hit 'Y' , i jumped out, but selano was a hundred feet in the air, just sitting there, not falling or moving.
- i have 38 million dollars and haven't gotten the "Earn $1 Million" achievement


8 years ago#149
Carmona not selano ^
Some funny glitches have happened to me.

1. I just finished Hijacking a heli from Chinese Commandos when my friend finsished the mission. It teleported me next to my friend out of the heli. The heli was still flying, but took a wrong turn and crashed into the base, killing a ton of chinese guys and blew up the base. The remaining chinese guys starting shouting and shot the heli, even though it was a wreck...

2. I died in co-op while carrying an HVT, and when my friend revived me, I was walking normally, but slower and none of my controls other than moving worked. I move over to the extraction heli and it told me to load the HVT, so I did. I put me in the heli as an HVt and the heli flew off. When it got to the invisible wall part the heli exploded and I died. And the HVT died too...
"Simple rule to fight by: If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck."
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