The Mercenaries 2 Glitch FAQ

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User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#21
We addressed all of that earlier >_>
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Langway

9 years ago#23

Excellent thread! Sticky requested.

I was scouting out HVT's for capture using a UP Assasin Rouge helicopter. Every VZ HVT I encountered was alone. I was able to land, subdue and bag all of the VZ HVT's without a fight. All other factions were normal, meaning they all had backup at their base camps.

I can't think of anything that I might have done to initiate this glitch. I had been playing for maybe 20 minutes when I discovered it,

User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#24
Must have been nice, I've had a few VZ guys give me trouble for Aces High.

User Info: BenKS

9 years ago#25
Some new glitches I've encountered in coop, once I hijacked a Chinese transport copter, and as soon as I got done with the QTE, the thing just vanished and I fell to the ground. No idea why that happened. =/

Also, once the Y button stopped working for everything. I couldn't mark anything to be picked up, and I couldn't knock out or pick up HVTs.

And every now and then when either me or a friend hosts, the person who is the guest will get strange loud glitching noises that sound like something big is clipping into something else. The host cannot hear these, only the guest. When we go to investigate the noise, we find nothing.

Sometimes when we would call in Ewan to transport us somewhere, as soon as the host would pick a place, his heli would just disappear and we'd be left right in the same spot. Even after we'd try it again and again it'd happen the same way. Once it went to the loading screen, but as it finished we were yet again left in the same spot. Going into a building seemed to fix it, though.

This next one would happen FREQUENTLY, at least 5 times a session. When driving a vehicle, it would sometimes just spontaneously explode. It could be at full health or half, doesn't matter, it just blows up. There are no enemies around, no one shooting at us, nothing dropping bombs on us, NOTHING. Just random explosions. This is by far one of the MOST annoying, as many times I'd get a really good Chinese/AN vehicle only to have it explode with full health.

All five only seemed to happen in coop.
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User Info: SP4RT4N_119

9 years ago#26
Here's another glitch I've found:

Revenge of of the VZ:

On my file, the AN Southeastern Caracas outpost mission will be available after you've already completed it. If you accept, the AN Humvees around the base and the Cobra Gunship flying above it will still be there, but the VZ units guarding it the first time will return and start fighting the AN guards. If you capture the outpost (again), you will be paid again. Also some reason possibly related to the mission, I got a free Chinese Light Tank for no apparent reason in the middke of the mission

User Info: Odwolda

9 years ago#27
Hooray a sticky


User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
9 years ago#28
So I have the spare parts glitch now. I collected all 53 spare parts in the west map and now I am getting more while I walk around doing nothing. I don't mind TOO much, but I am curious if it can screw up my game?? Does it ever stop giving me spare parts?? Will it just keep giving them forever?? If so I will restart my game.
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User Info: TheBanhamner

9 years ago#29
Wee sticky.

tbqh it is sad that a game has so many glitches that it needs a sticky.
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User Info: grand-lethal

9 years ago#30
I have found another glitch, has only happened single player so far.
When killing UP ive had them report but instead of the gauge going from neutral to hostile it went up to friendly,
they constantly attacked me as if i was hostile, but i couldn't bribe them or get the gauge to drop. Reloaded a previous save and had no problems.
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