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User Info: rt389g

5 years ago#1
Yes graphics not great and driving pretty horrible. I ony got to
the point of getting the heli pilot. Also done some challanges.
One question is am I trying to beat my own time each level?
Level 3 will be nearly impossible as I had a near perfect level
2 on two challanges. I have to admit I am having fun, I like
open world games and I like having the little skirmishes. I like
that it's rated T so my kid can be on the room. Also I saw
save game but not load. I got it for 7 on a trade in, since I
like blowing stuff up seems like a fine arcade so far.

User Info: Makross

5 years ago#2
Yeah, some of my friends were making fun of me for playing it the other day.

Still fun...very glitchy, but fun.

As for loading saves....if you go to options you will see "Manage Saves"... that is where you load from.

User Info: DGenerateKane

5 years ago#3
Once you have a save the Continue option appears on the main menu and will obviously continue from your latest save. I just started playing this again from the beginning yesterday (lost my saves) and am already 48.5% of the way through it.

User Info: rt389g

5 years ago#4
Yeah I heard this is a quick play, however in open world
I tend to like to explore and try different things. I wonder if
merc 3 is still being considered. I need to take a day off from
work to put some time into this, currently trying to complete
borderlands 1 before 2 comes out and sleeping dogs comes
out today. Plus I'm working through about 5 other games.
This game is just so arcade, but fun. There are so many
things that are just silly fun and in some ways is comparable
to saints row 3.

User Info: dweeeeb2

5 years ago#5
Mercs 2 is ALL about co-op. My buddy and I still think its the most fun game out there. Just blowing the absolute crap out of stuff - fuel air rpg anyone? C4 EVERYTHING!

Get someone to pilot the chopper, you hang underneath on a grapple hook, drop off on target roof, drop air strike beacon and mate fly's past for you to grapple and escape through a shower of fire. AWESOME!!

Very funny dialogue, but god the game is glitchy.

Really bummed that mercs 3 is canned :((
XBL/PSN GT: dweeeeb

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