Just Tried Playing This Again

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User Info: punisher1234

3 years ago#1
First time playing this in forever. First time while connected to the internet. When it tries to connect to EA servers the screen freezes. Happens every time. I posted this on the PS3 board but it looks dead to me. Help?
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User Info: MajinTa

3 years ago#2
I'll help you too, lol. I just randomly came to this board cause I always do when I play a game for some reason. But...

To fix it, you have to get Battlefield Bad Company 1 which is maybe 2-3 dollars. Try a deathmatch on there and it'll make you sign a EA servers thing. After that, it will work.
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User Info: MashYouGood

3 years ago#3
Yes. This is a bug with the game. Fortunately, I already had and EA membership from some other game, so it worked. I also have the PC version which has a server emulator for it, so it can be played in multiplayer, too.
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