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User Info: xoxo_tw

7 years ago#1
Hi.. if your game crashes while connecting to ea servers I can help you fix it... let me know if u need the help.

User Info: ccgieseler

7 years ago#2
i would like to know, i have 2 friends who cannot play this coz of crashing at main menu, and id like to play w them online for trophies

User Info: xoxo_tw

7 years ago#3
If they let me login using there psn id i can Acccept the EA online terms , then the game wont freeze anymore....

User Info: FamilySize

7 years ago#4

xoxo_tw posted...
If they let me login using there psn id i can Acccept the EA online terms , then the game wont freeze anymore....

I could kiss you

User Info: OrangeWizard

7 years ago#5
Why would you want to kiss him? He'll scam you out of your PSN
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User Info: Loonz857

7 years ago#6
use any EA demo that lets you register

and NEVER give ANYONE your psn info
PSN-OldLoonz w/ Mic (If I'm not using it just ask.)

User Info: replicax77

7 years ago#7
I tried the Army of Two 40th Day demo and registered with it but had no luck. I didn't actually try playing the demo so that may make a difference but I've been too lazy to give it a shot. Still not giving my PSN info out though.
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User Info: waldekzone

6 years ago#8
The problem is with EA accounts. All you need to do is lunch Army of Two game and go online, then they will ask you to create an EA acount. Creat it and that is it. Quit the game insert Mercenaries 2 game and watch it connects to EA servers. Yes this works on all consoles fat and slim (tested)

Because EA closed the Mercenaries 2 servers the old accounts were wiped out. And so happensthat AOT use the same servers as M2. So creating account for AOT will create one for M2

If you already have an EA account for need for speed or any other games, you still need to create one in AOT for M2.

I did conntact EA support but i git some BS answer that it s mu ps3 that is the problem

User Info: MMX9

6 years ago#9
can u please help me out? i really want to play online

Psn: same as my ea lol!

User Info: PSOnoni

6 years ago#10
I just fixed this problem last night. I bought Army of Two used at Gamestop and most likely I am going to return it since I have 7 days to return a used game. I started up the game, accepted the EA contract, waited a little bit since I wanted to make sure I connected to the EA servers. Even went to host a match to completely make sure. Turned it off and started up mercenaries 2, the game finally connected to the EA servers.

Hopefully this works for everyone.
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