A Day At The Square Enix Office: 7 A.M.

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User Info: thompsontalker7

5 years ago#11
I love you TC
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User Info: The_FoolXXII

5 years ago#12
Please keep going. *o*
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User Info: Lord_Tic_Tac

5 years ago#13
bookmarked...please dont let this go unfinished TC ^,.,^

User Info: LonelyKnight

5 years ago#14
Lol I'm dying reading this.
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User Info: FuutonElemental

5 years ago#15
10/10 story. Will read to grandchildren.
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User Info: iambasho

5 years ago#16
...I am sooooooooooo tempted to repost this on SE's Members boards. Please continue, Agnis, this is brilliant!
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User Info: AgnisPhilosophy

5 years ago#17
iambasho posted...
...I am sooooooooooo tempted to repost this on SE's Members boards. Please continue, Agnis, this is brilliant!

Go for it. We'll shame SE into providing us with new FFv13 info. If they don't release new info, I'll keep releasing these private internal documents so everyone know what kind of sick stuff goes on over there.

User Info: Ecclesiastes273

5 years ago#18
If this is how things really were, I'd buy all their games on principle.
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User Info: AgnisPhilosophy

5 years ago#19
Ecclesiastes273 posted...
If this is how things really were, I'd buy all their games on principle.

Then you better start saving up for FF15!

User Info: AgnisPhilosophy

5 years ago#20
As our resident trio bolted out onto the busy Shinjuku street, their panting and breathing slowed down and they were finally able to catch their breath. The midmorning sun illuminated the bleak streets a teenage girl wearing fluorescent Hello Kitty garb bounced down the street as she lapped up some kind of gelatinous snack from a tiny plastic tray. She spun her neon green parasol around merrily & was singing along to Gackt's new tune. A shiny red balloon, half-deflated, was tied to her ear. Just your everyday occurrence in Japan.

Noting the inspirational girl, Nomura told Ito:

NOMURA: "Remind me to make a character like her for FF15, Ito-san."

ITO: "You are NOT putting that in my game, broski. No way, jose."


ITO: "Ok, ok! You can add her into FF15, just don't cry again man! We still need to sort this mess out.

Amano, shifty eyed and armed with a sense of determination, held his arm, out to halt Nomura and Ito. The auspicious and suspicious Amano peered around the corner, seemingly trying to avoid who-knows-what.

AMANO: "Coast is clear. Go, go, go!"
Nomura and Ito scurried along stealthily, trying to keep up with Amano, although deep down they speculated Amano was equally as daffy as Wada. And now their suspicions were somewhat verified, Amano was earnestly masquerading as a super secret agent man/Call of Duty soldier on the streets of Shinjuku. At some point between the Square Enix building and now, Amano had even put on his shades, just for additional cool factor.

NOMURA: ("When will it all end? Q_Q")

As the three musketeers hugged the wall and advanced towards their unknown destination, their journey brought them to a quaint mom-and-pop coffee house on the corner of Japan Street and Hello Kitty Drive. They could breathe a sigh of relief as they were in the clear now and could blend into the morning rush of faceless Japanese businessmen.

NOMURA: "Phew! Crisis averted. Kinda...No wait, I'm still dead."

ITO: "Wouldst doth informeth us of our impending locale? Art thou even knowledgeable as to the whereabouts of our accomplice?"

AMANO: "Hush, dude. Just trust me, aight? I know what I'm doing. This is Amano you're talking to."

As they proceeded towards Amano's mystical venue, Nomura spied a curious sight; an awkward couple sitting down for coffee.

NOMURA: "Guys, wait...Slow down..."
They paid no mind to Nomura's thoughts. Nomura's gaze was focused on a slender middle-aged woman, wearing a baseball cap and large sunglasses that obscured her face. The woman seemed visibly uncomfortable in her seat.

NOMURA: "Is that...nah. Can't be." the woman looked vaguely familiar.

ITO: "Ah, thine fair maiden caught thine eye at this most inopportune of times?"

The woman sipped black coffee daintily from a small porcelain cup. Seated across from her was a dirty old geezer, mustache and all. The man was visibly more invested in the coffee date than the woman, who seemed uneasy and was squirming in her seat. Nomura and Ito ducked behind a silver SUV and spied intently on the couple.
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