A Day At The Square Enix Office: 7 A.M.

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User Info: AgnisPhilosophy

5 years ago#21
MUSTACHE MAN: "All the ladies looove the 'stache. Tickles their bellybutton. Hubba hubba!"

UNCOMFORTABLE WOMAN: "You're so goddamn romantic." she wasn't quite convinced.

MUSTACHE MAN: "Come on, babe. Give me one more chance. When I make love, I turn into an animal."

UNCOMFORTABLE WOMAN: "Oh? That'll be a step up on the food chain for you." her words stung, but the mustached man showed no hope of slowing down.

Amano had finally noticed that Ito and Nomura stopped following him a few blocks back. He retraced his steps and found the duo kneeling in between two parked cars and Amano peered back on whom they were spying. He too thought the woman in the sunglasses looked extremely familiar.

AMANO: (Wait a second...) "HOLY ****! YOKO!? YOKO SHIMOMURA IS THAT YOU?!" Amano called out to the woman and blew her cover.

Pallor came over the woman's face, followed closely by a beet red color. Even hidden under the cold plastic of over-sized aviator sunglasses, she looked absolutely mortified at the sight of Nomura, Ito and Amano waving to her from across the street. The man-with-the-mustache looked less horrified and beamed cheerfulness at the musketeers.

YOKO: "(Oh my Etro, not now...)"

UEMATSU: "HEY GUYS! WASSSSSUUUP ****AS?" Nobuo waved to the trio and failed to notice as he managed to spill the lukewarm contents of his coffee cup onto Yoko's lap.

User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

5 years ago#22
TC excellent pretty accurate, love it.
Ryoma / Sora / Naruto / Luffy / Ginta
Young heroes between the ages of 12-17 make RPG and other video games better then older heroes 18-21 and over.

User Info: DemonsSouls

5 years ago#23
keep it coming, this is the best thing i have seen on a gamefaqs board for some time now

User Info: kewldude475

5 years ago#24
What really happened:

Everyone there: Why is everyone believing that stupid rumor about VS XIII being cancelled? Why can't they wait for an official announcement?

User Info: NSGraphite

5 years ago#25

The TC is about to start again...
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