Versus XIII next-gen?

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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#21
Lelouch71 posted...

We've been through this already

1. You are still giving Sony way too much credit. They couldn't careless about this game. They aren't going to "make sure it stay exclusive". Sony attitude is that they are too good to pay for exclusivity for any game. Even then they aren't in the position to. Sony been losing plenty of money if you keep up with Sony's financial news.

2. FFXIII became a multi-plat for a system of the same level as the PS3. Only reason that even happen is because the PS3 failed to become as popular as the PS2 not to mention the 360 had a good user-base. If the PS3 was dominating instead of the Wii then FFXIII would had likely stayed exclusive. This is true for most third party games becoming multi-plat. The PS4 will likely have PS3 BC. Thus, it would be pointless to release it on the PS4. Now it could come out for the Wii U or the next Xbox as a multi-plat. But it won't be on the PS4 assuming it has PS3 BC.

3. Indeed

4. Oh I highly doubt Sony or MS will be releasing an over-expensive console with this new gen. If Sony release another $600 system they are finish. As far as I'm concern, they would deserve to fail if they were that stupid. The PS3 already lost all of the money that the PS1 and PS2 accumulated. It has been making some profit since 2010, but it's nowhere near enough to make up for that huge loss. Then there is the sinking ship of the Vita. They are losing money on that too. I don't see the PS4 costing more than $400-450 at best. If Sony was smart it would come out for $350.

MS is already rumor to release the cheapest model of the next Xbox for $300. Even then they aren't stupid enough to make the same arrogant mistake Sony did. However unlike Sony, they are in the better position to do so. I really don't expect a huge leap from the PS3/360 for both especially Sony. I think both will focus on providing an unique experience. Third party won't be the deciding factor all three consoles. It will comes down to exclusive and uniqueness instead of power (not that it was ever a deciding factor to begin with).

1.) hmm, ok. I'll give you that one.

2.) First of all the PS3 is actually more powerful and capable then the Xbox 360 (but not by much). I doubt that PS4 will have BC, I mean just look at the slim PS3s. If it would come out on the next Xbox then it will probably be out on the PS4 as well. I do doubt a move to the other two companies. Though if SE was completely about profits then they would release Versus on all three next gens. But again I still believe remaining a Sony only exclusive would be in place.

3.) Glad you agree.

4.) We gotta be realistic though. If the PS4 cost $400 (which is cheaper than most laptops) then it would be gone before it hit the shelves. Also the PS4 (and next Xbox) will most likely be 10x stronger than the PS3 so if you factor that in it would be around 400-600 dollars.
Power was a deciding factor in making Versus Xiii for PS3... If both system did cost the same and release at the same time then power would have been the deciding factors for some. But there are many more factors though.

Side note: I just can't believe the PS vita didn't sell well. It's the best handheld to date and it even have 3g/4g connection. I still think it is ahead of it time and that Sony had not effectively marketed the Vita.
Versus XIII is coming in 2014, BO2 will be awesome, and PS4/Xbox 720 is coming in Dec. 2013. Lightning Return will be super awesome.
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