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User Info: Exentryk

4 years ago#1
UFFSite, RPG Site and Nova Crystallis have partnered with a bunch of other Final Fantasy fan sites and fans in order to create a special celebratory digital magazine to mark the series turning a whopping 25 years old. Featuring a suite of articles offering information, memories and insight into the series, it’s a special one-off project. Check it out below, including download links to multiple formats. Enjoy!

PDF Download [Recommended] - http://www.uffsite.net/avalon/downloads/pdf/ff25_avalon_mag_db.pdf

Issuu [Recommended] - http://issuu.com/ff-avalon/docs/ff25_mag_avalon/1

PDF Single Page Version - http://www.uffsite.net/avalon/downloads/pdf/ff25_avalon_mag_sn.pdf

HTML5 Gallery - http://uffsite.net/avalon/downloads/html5/index.html

JPG Files [ZIP] - http://www.uffsite.net/avalon/downloads/ff25_avalon_mag.zip

Flash SWF - http://www.uffsite.net/avalon/downloads/swf/ff25_avalon_mag_sn.swf

I haven't read through it yet. If you find any interesting points, please share here.

Via - http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506631
Veni, Vidi, Dormivi.

User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#2
wow, this will be an interesting read.
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